Monday, January 16, 2017


Oh Harper Brown.

You came into this world in a dramatic way and there hasn't been a boring day since.  

You are kind with a heart that loves people, animals and Jesus more than anything.  

You are tender hearted and the most giving person I know.  

You are just JOY.  That's the word that comes to mind when I think of you.  You are always full of joy and you give me so much joy.  You are always smiling and you smile from the inside out.  

You are in the second grade and you love school.  You have the sweetest teacher which helps.  You have lots of friends.  You love going to gymnastics and church.  You love riding your bike.  You love reading and watching your iPad.  Liv and Maddie has been one of your favorite shows this year.  And Brady Bunch.  You LOVE to sing.  And you just love to laugh.  You are one of the funniest people I know.  

You love playing with your sister.  Ya'll have the sweetest friendship even though you can also fight like cats and dogs.  You are the BEST sister to Will Holden. And you are so much help.  It's almost like having a live in nanny because you love to help with him and you are always declaring how "adorable" he is.  You are just a born nurturer.  You love animals too.  You always say you want to be a doctor or a veterinarian when you grow up.  Or have a fro yo shop.  

You pray the sweetest, most amazing prayers that come from the bottom of your heart.  I just know that God has a big purpose with your life.  My prayer is that you will be passionate about His word and His people.  I pray you will always be kind and loving.  I pray that you will always be as joyful as you at eight years old.  You are a light that shines so bright.  

I love you more than you could possibly ever know.  It is an honor to be your mother.  

As I tell you most nights before you go to sleep - you are beautiful, you are smart and you are kind. And I'm so proud of you! 

Happy 8th birthday! 

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