Monday, December 26, 2016

Joy to the World

This is a ridiculous amount of pictures I'm about to share but well - we have been having a ridiculous amount of fun and I'm always thankful to have this blog to look back on.  

Last Monday,  Hollis' BFF Joseph and his mom came to surprise Hollis at lunch.  I wish you could have seen her face.  She was beet red and SO excited.  

Both girls had their Christmas parties that afternoon.  Thankfully they were at different times so I could be at both.  

I love getting to meet their classmates and I also love being around other moms from their class.  

Wednesday was the first day out of school and we invited the girls' best friends over to play.  Hollis had Joseph over and Harper had Sarah Kate.  It was a little crazy but they had a good time.  

Thursday was my birthday.  Yikes - I'm 43! It is very rare that I get to have a date on my actual birthday.  I hate asking anyone to babysit so close to Christmas.  But several girls home from college had mentioned wanting to babysit so I snagged one!!!  We had a great date eating downtown and looking at the lights and then having coffee.  We did a little stocking shopping too.  Two dates in one week - that's a record! 

Friday it rained all day and then cleared up that night and warmed up weirdly.  We took the kids to the square to see the lights.  

It was such a sweet night to be downtown.  Santa was there and they were playing Christmas music and they had a balloon artist.  It was not that cold and we just had so much fun.  Look at Will Holden looking at Santa with wonder.  He has been going around saying "ho ho ho" all the time.  It's the cutest! 

Thankful our town still has a nativity.  

We have a fun ice skating rink at Christmas.  We haven't had a chance to skate yet but I told Harper after Christmas we would do it! 

We went to a cafe to get hot chocolate but the girls and Scott all wanted ice cream instead.  Why not? 

The girls ordered a "king cobra" for Will Holden.  I think he might have wanted a puppy.  

The girls were so excited to see Santa.  And Will Holden didn't cry! 

Saturday Scott took the girls to see "Moana" during Will's nap time so I could get everything wrapped and ready for that night.  I made us steaks and baked potatoes and salad for dinner and we ate with my Christmas china and my crystal glasses.  The girls loved having a "fancy" dinner! 

We had to wake the kids up on Sunday morning.  I think they were excited!

This is a boy who loves ELMO.  LOVES him.  

We did presents, ate breakfast, got ready and headed to church.  It's a little hectic going to church on Christmas morning but we did want to celebrate the real reason for Christmas.  

Eight years of pictures of me and my babies in front of the tree.  

We came home after church and ate lunch and then packed up to head to my parents.  

We opened gifts when we got to my parents.  My Aunt Linda always gives the kids the nicest gifts.  She got the girls Razorback Dooney and Bourke purses this year.  SO cute! 

Harper's biggest wishes this year were an etch-a-sketch and a snow globe.  Thank you for cheap and low maintenance wishes.  Soon she will be a teen requesting a flat screen TV or a keurig.  

My girls and Linda.

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner and enjoyed spending time with my family.  

Papa and his boy! 

Will Holden was OBSESSED with my dad's tractor.  He kept making truck noises and crying to go see it.  He got a few rides on it and I don't think he's ever been happier.  

Scott, Will Holden and I came home this morning.  The girls are spending a few days with my parents.  They went to Silver Dollar City today.  My mom said it's never been so crowded.  It was almost 60 today so I believe that! 

We still have Christmas to do this weekend with Scott's parents so it's not over yet! 

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