Thursday, December 29, 2016

Goals and such............


It's that time of year.  When everyone starts making resolutions on what they are going to do better in the next year.  "Next year" is always going to be better, right???

This was my plan last year :

I wanted to work on those four things above.

Well, I'm not much more organized, I didn't read my Bible every day like I had hoped, I haven't lost the weight and I'm a work in process every day in motherhood. 

So those four goals would still be my goals in 2017.

But in the last couple of months - I've adopted a new philosophy and I have to say I'm WAY more relaxed and WAY less stressed than I've ever been.  Even through Christmas, I really didn't get overwhelmed or stressed.  

And that's because I'm just taking life "one day at a time".  (Sweet Jesus).  Sorry the song sticks.  I just sit down at the beginning of the week and break down everything that has to get done over the days of the week and write it in my planner (because I'm still old school and I need PAPER).  And then I just have to do a few things each day and it seems less daunting.  And if I don't get those things crossed off - I just carry them over and don't stress.  

I'm trying to apply that to my health too.  Instead of constantly saying "in one month I want to lose 20 pounds" and then messing up and when the month comes and I'm sad nothing happened - I'm taking it one day at a time.  Each morning I try to say "TODAY I'm going to make good choices" and figure out when I can work exercise in.  Sometimes its one meal at a time.  

And motherhood is surely one day at a time.  Am I right? 

Honestly - my motto for the year might be the same as Matthew McConaughey - "just keep living".  (I would probably add "for Jesus" in there. ha!)  I mean this past week has not been the best for celebrities or even people I know in real life.  Life is a vapor and when you are in your 40's - it seems to start flying in your face quickly.  So I just want to keep living and enjoy every moment.  

What are your goals for the year??? 

(On a side note - I've started asking some fun questions on my Facebook page and y'all have kept me SOOOO entertained with the answers and I bet you love reading them yourselves.  It's always interesting to ask such a diverse cross section of people things and see what the differences (and the similarities are).  I have learned a lot!)

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