Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Cheer

The past week has been full of Christmas cheer.  Super Super busy - but so much fun! 

Monday, Harper went on a field trip to the library. I went and met up with her class for a little bit.  

Monday night I met up with some friends for a Favorite things party.  This is one of the most FUN things ever!!!! And look at all the amazing things I came home with!!!!! 

Tuesday night, our Tangible Truth team had a Christmas dinner at my friend Susan's house.  She made the most amazing broccoli cornbread.  It was so delicious! It was like a dessert and a bread! I love these ladies so much! 

Wednesday we had a Women's council luncheon at one of the member's home.  It was so pretty decorated for Christmas and we had a great time visiting.  If you can tell - all I have done this week is EAT! And Visit! 

I mean - isn't he the cutest???? 

Thursday, kindergarten had their annual gingerbread house decorating day! They got to wear pajamas and parents were invited to come and help! Hollis was SO excited.  Will Holden went with me in his gingerbread outfit.  

Thursday night, Scott and I went on a WAY overdue date! We have scheduled several in the last few months but every time someone gets sick and we have to cancel.  So it had been like 6 months since we had been out alone.  WAY TOO LONG! We had a nice dinner and then finished up our Christmas shopping! 

Friday was Elf Day at school.  How adorable is this little Elf???

Friday while the kids were in school, I finished up some shopping and had a fun little day.  This window is from my favorite store in our downtown.  It's a kid's store - isn't it cute? 

Saturday, it was cold and dreary and we mostly stayed home.  

Last night it iced and then snowed and this morning it was 4 degrees but felt like negative nine.  Scott went to church but we decided I should keep kids home.  We didn't want to chance walking on ice.  I did take the kids out for a few minutes in the snow.  As you can see - Will Holden loved it! 

Tonight we had a Christmas Lord's Supper service.  We are on the ordination committee along with some friends so we have to set it up.  These girls were SOOO excited to fill up the cups.  It's never too early to teach them to serve.  They love picking up all the cups after the service the most! 

We have two days of school left.  I know most people are already on break.  Our parties are in the morning and then we will officially start break on Wednesday! It's been a fun month! 

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