Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

We had a great Thanksgiving.  

Scott went to south Arkansas on Friday to hunt with his dad and Steve.  They took my girls down to spend a few days with Scott's mom.  

Will Holden and I rode down with Laurie and her girls.  Her parents live about 30 minutes from Scott's parents so it worked out really well.  We drove through Arkadelphia so we took a little spin through OBU.  Laurie and I were having fun looking around and looking at things and her girls were saying "This is boring".  ha ha ha! We are old.  

Wednesday the kids and I and my MIL went to town to a few stores and of course Walmart.  The kids wanted to see the Nutcrackers at the courthouse.  How old does Hollis look here? Sadness.  We ate lunch at the Flying Burger which is my favorite.  They have the best fish tacos - only I got shrimp tacos and they were even better! 

My in laws live in the country and the kids love running around.  They were climbing on hay bales.

And it was a Thanksgiving miracle when they all 3 smiled! 

We had Thanksgiving Thursday with just our family and my in-laws.  We had a great meal and a nice day at home.  It was great weather.  

These are the four things I'm most thankful for! 

My kids had the best week with their grandparents! 

This little turkey.  Oh my! 

We came home Friday afternoon.  We finished getting the house decorated for Christmas on Saturday and Scott took the girls to see "Trolls".  Today we went to church and then spent a relaxing day at home.  It was such a great week off.  I'm not looking forward to the morning rush starting back tomorrow.  December is SUCH a crazy month so I'm bracing myself! 

I had to take a look back at all of my turkey past pictures.  These babies have grown WAY too fast! 

And this is not our exact picture - this is an outtake.  But I got our Christmas cards back last week and I'm mailing them out tomorrow.  I'm SO excited - I think it's our best card yet.  (I will share soon!) But Minted just does the BEST job!! And if you have your address list together - they will address them all for you for free! Which I think is amazing! Get 20% off your order using code CM2016 today!

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