Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Just some stuff

I want to blog but it's just a life full of normal and busy right now.  And not a lot to share! 

Our leaves finally all fell and the girls had so much fun after school yesterday raking them up and jumping in them.  

This little elf just keeps me on my constant toes.  He's as fast as lightening.  Every time a door in our house opens - he is out it quicker than you can blink and running down the street like an Olympic sprinter.  I do a lot of chasing.  I've been surprised that he has really left our Christmas trees alone.  I figured he would be throwing down ornaments and climbing the tree but surprisingly he hasn't touched anything! It's a Christmas miracle! 

This boy has just brought a lot of life and laughter to our house.  

We are full of things like field trips, speech therapy, gymnastics, homework, and all things Christmas these days.  I had a PTO officer luncheon on Monday and we did a favorite things exchange which is always so much fun.  We have our Sunday School party this weekend and the girls are singing in church in our Christmas program Sunday so always a lot going on!!! 

And I wanted to share our Christmas card with you! I mailed most of them out yesterday.  I'm still working on another stack but I will share anyway! 

This was completely not a Will Holden photo fail! I'm so in love with this picture.  It will go in a big frame in our house eventually! Look at his sweet hands on both of his sisters! And that blond hair.  And my big beautiful girls! GAH.  I'm a thankful mom.  (Of course we took no less than 257 pictures to get this one.) 

Love how our card turned out from Minted.  (I grabbed a copy off a print screen so it's not the clearest but it's BEAUTIFUL in person - with gold lettering!).  They are running deals daily so check back often to order your cards!!! 

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