Thursday, November 03, 2016

Halloween Fun

Well we stretched out the Halloween fun for about four days.  Now - before I get started - I know there is always the hot button of "should Christians celebrate halloween?".  And I usually get an email or two every year on why we shouldn't.  And if you are talking decorating with scary stuff and celebrating witches and satan and dark things ........I think you know the answer is no.  But to me - Halloween is not about dark and scary - it's about having fun with my family and friends.  It's dressing up in CUTE costumes and making memories with my kids.  We spend time with our best friends and go around their neighborhood where everyone sits outside in their drive ways and are friendly and inviting and it's just fun! I love what my friend Amy who is all about Christian hospitality wrote on her IG :

Happy Halloween! Tonight instead of sitting behind your door and waiting for the knock, why don't you sit outside on your steps with your candy and a big, welcoming smile! Shout a friendly hello to the parents who wait back on the sidewalk. Ask trick-or-treaters where they go to school. Compliment their costumes! And get to know your neighbors! Choose to use tonight as an opportunity to Love Welcome Serve! Lord, out of all the houses these families visit tonight, may they remember having walked up to mine! #lovewelcomeserve

So Monday, Will Holden's MDO had super hero day.  Could he be any cuter?

The girls both had parties at the end of the day.  This is the first time ever their school has had Halloween parties because we have always been on a fall break.  I am room mom in both rooms so I had to set up for Harper's class and then I went down to Hollis' class to do hers.  I also made a new rule that I will never be room mom in more than one class.  ha! 

We had fun snacks and played games like "Hot Pumpkin" which the kids loved (like hot potato).  And musical chairs.  It was fun being in her class.  All the kids kept hugging me and saying "I love you Hollis' mom!" ha ha! Which made Hollis so embarrassed.  I love getting to see who she is in class with every day.  

Friday night, they had a Costume Carnival at the school. This is a big fundraiser put on by the teachers and they are able to split the money raised for their classrooms - so they aren't buying things out of pocket like so many teachers end up doing.  Each teacher has a booth and it's just a really fun event.  Scott and Will Holden stayed home since neither one would have been loving it and we girls went.  

We had a great time! I helped in our class booths and was SO tired when we got home! We had planned to go trick or treating on the town square Saturday morning but Will Holden was sick Saturday so we ended up just spending the day at home.  

We love a good family themed Halloween.  I honestly last year told the girls they could be anything they wanted to but they love doing something all together.  In fact, starting November 1st last year - they starting planning this year.   They went through several ideas but finally decided it would be fun if we were deer and hunters.  

So that's what we did.  It was easy and fun (and cheap)!!! And fitting for Arkansas! 

They are already planning next year! 

Every year since they were born, we have gone to Laurie and Steve's.  We eat pizza and then we trick or treat.  Our friend Aimee and her daughter Caroline have joined in our tradition starting last year.  Caroline has two older brothers who no longer participate so it's fun for her to be with girls. And we love having them with us!  I told Aimee that in about 5 or 6 years - I will have to find a family of boys to let us trick or treat with when the girls quit. ha! 

Mama deer and her baby fawns. 

This boy.  Thankfully this was a costume I knew he would wear.  I had him a cute orange hat but he wasn't having that. 

I was shocked at how well Will Holden did.  I envisioned him wanting to run wild but he was just chilled back in the stroller and barely moved.  I think he was tired but he just sat back and watched.  The girls had a BLAST! And it was the warmest Halloween I can remember.  We normally have to cover up our costumes with heavy coats but Sarah Kate had a sleeveless costume on and was hot.  

I started not feeling great as we walked around and by the time I got home I was DOWN.  The stomach bug hit me and I felt awful.  And then Harper woke us up around 2 and said "Hollis is laying in a pool of blood! She's covered in blood".  Well that will get two parents up and running (even one who has been throwing up).  Hollis had gotten sick all over her bed (and we had eaten pizza so you can imagine).  

Tuesday was our anniversary and Scott had to stay home and help take care of me and the kids because I was in bad shape.  Luckily Hollis bounced back quickly and Harper never got too sick.  We just had to laugh.  This is real marriage.  And I love it. 

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