Monday, November 07, 2016

A Monday

Tomorrow is election day.  I early voted a week or more ago.  It put a lot of tears in my eyes but I voted.  I hope you are all planning to vote if you haven't.  

It's a tough time in our country but God is still King overall all and in in charge and in that I take solace.  

My parents came for a quick visit about a week ago.  The kids always love to see their grandparents! My parents have been busy in their retirement but I'm glad they are able to travel and enjoy their time together! 

We enjoyed our last week of light at night and warm days.  The kids played outside and rode bikes until dark every night.  And it's ironic I guess that it has turned cool exactly with the time change.  Cold and dark means hibernating to me! 

Little brother continues to wake up most days at 4.  Which means he usually falls asleep eating lunch.  We have transitioned to one nap after lunch and sometimes it's hard to hold on.  The girls never did this so I get tickled that he falls asleep eating.  

Saturday late afternoon - we took the kids out to try and get a Christmas card picture.  They were mostly all looking like this.  ha! We ended up getting a wonderful picture so I will share it later after I send out cards! But I had to share a few sneaks! 

Scott took several great ones of the girls.  I LOVE Christmas plaid.  In September I went to a local resale shop and they had these two dresses new with tags exactly in my girls sizes.  Only these two.  I nearly fist pumped in the middle of the store.  They were like $8 each.  I loved these classic dresses.  

These girls.  They are BEST friends.  They bicker and fight constantly but they are also are stuck like glue.  Most nights we go in after they are asleep to find them in the same bed together.  My biggest prayer is that they will be best friends as adults as well.  

Harper is home with the stomach bug today AGAIN.  It's the slowest moving bug - or it's just been several different ones.  It's moved through our family but it's taken 9 days.  I'm hoping we stay healthy after this. 

We won a big game over Florida on Saturday.  So we wore our victory red to church yesterday! Hoping for another win this weekend! 

Happy Monday to you! 

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