Monday, October 10, 2016

Stretched Too Thin

Last week I told you about the free videos that Jessica Turner had made for working moms.  (And honestly - we are ALL working moms - it just looks different for each of us).  

Today I want to tell you about an online course she has created.  If you liked the videos - you are going to LOVE this.  It's a 10 video course that will encourage you, help you, offer ideas on everything from time management to relationships and be invaluable help.  

And you don't just get 10 videos (plus the longer versions of the videos you might have watched last week) - you also get over $200 in bonus material.  

Everything above is included.  I think all of you - whether you are a full time working mom or a busy stay at home mom probably needs help when it comes to meal planning, time management, organization, friendships, parenting and marriage and this about covers it all.  

The course is $39 but it's SO worth the money for all that you are getting.  You can go to a one day conference and spend over $200.  Jessica Turner is such a professional and she has worked so hard making this course top notch.  

I mean you get $30 worth of free cleaning products.  So the course is basically the cost of a lunch out.  Brown bag it and get the course! 

The course is ONLY offered THIS week but you will have a lifetime of access once you purchase.  So don't wait to order! 

Go HERE to sign up today! 

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