Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fun Fall Farm Break

We used to go to a year round school and we had a two week break in October.  This year our district put everyone on one schedule and as a compromise they gave us three days off of school for a fall break.  And we were so ready for our break! 

We decided to head to south Arkansas to visit Scott's parents for a few days.  The kids and I had fun just visiting and Scott and his dad got to hunt a couple of days.  It was perfect weather! 

My in-laws live in the country and the kids spent almost every minute we were there outside playing. They haven't had rain in weeks and weeks and it's SUPER dry and dusty.  At this point in the picture above, they were playing in the dirt/dust and were just covered in it but what's a good childhood without getting dirty outside and having to be stripped and put in the bath tub!?! ha! 

Unfortunately, between the dust and the pine trees and all that outside play, we were all suffering from allergies.  Harper's eyes were almost swollen shut on Saturday night and Sunday morning.  I probably wasn't thinking clearly when I gave both girls a dose of Benadryl Sunday morning because I looked over them sitting in the pew next to me and this is what I saw.  I had to wake Harper up at one point because she was snoring.  Luckily we were in the back pew.  

I promise this wasn't a reflection of the sermon.  ha! 

My babies before church.  Will Holden threw a terrible fit in the church nursery because he wanted to go outside.  We went to pick him up and he was asleep on the floor right where he had thrown his fit and passed out.  I was so embarrassed and had to apologize.   In his defense, there was a big glass door that went to the outside in the nursery.  That's a terrible temptation to an active boy.  I'm glad our nursery has no outside doors. ha! 

Monday we spent all day out at my in-laws land.  This is where the guys hunt and they have a big pond and a little house they stay in.  My kids love to go there.  

This was Will Holden's first introduction to the country life and he loved it.  

They have this OLD merry go round and we all love it.  It always gets a lot of rides when we come! 

They have a few farm dogs and Harper spent half her time petting them.  Harper is such a dog whisperer.  She LOVES animals and is so sweet with them. Hollis is too.  They want a puppy but I'm just not ready for that yet.  Maybe in a year or two.  

We had a camp fire and cooked hot dogs and the girls got to go fishing.  

Will Holden ran around the entire day like a crazy man.  Scott and I took him for a ride in the Mule and he passed out after about two minutes so we just kept riding and then Scott parked us in the shade and I sat out there and held him while he napped.  I guess the country air and a little ride can equal great sleeping conditions.  

My girls love to fish. 

We headed home today.  We are going to enjoy just a day at home before we get back in the swing of things on Thursday.  

We came through Little Rock on our way back so we stopped at Children's Hospital so I could see Jordan and David and baby Lucy.  Jordan was my Friday Fellowship a few weeks ago and we shared about Lucy and her heart condition.  She was born on Thursday and so far she has been doing well but they are just waiting to get her as stable as possible before they do anything.  Please keep Lucy and her family in your prayers.  


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