Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pumpkins and Beauty Queens

Well we had a busy weekend.  It was wonderful but I'm looking forward tomorrow to maybe sitting for a few minutes. ha! 

Friday I started off the weekend with a fun lunch with friends.  Laurie cooked lunch for us to celebrate my friend Tracy's birthday.  We had a great time visiting.  

Saturday we went for our annual pumpkin patch visit.  We FINALLY had some cooler weather this weekend.  It's been in the high 80's but this weekend it was much cooler.  We went early to the patch on Saturday and it was cool (and wet).  It was a great time to go! I'm not a fan of sweating at the pumpkin patch.  This was about the best picture we got.  The kids were running around so we didn't spend a lot of time trying to get a good picture this year. 

Harper's favorite part is the corn maze.  And yes - she looks 13 in these pictures. Help! 

We went to Farmland Adventures which is really more of a farm experience.  They have a lot of fun stuff like roping cow heads and hay bales and tunnels to play on.  

They also have a petting zoo which my kids LOVED and pony rides.  

And a hay ride that you take and then get to feed cows.  This was a big hit.  

My boy was loving the day! 

How cute is this tractor swing???

Eight sweet years of pumpkin patch visits.  This is a bitter sweet collage because it shows me just how quickly time is passing by.  Our kids were some of the oldest at the pumpkin patch this weekend.  The day is coming soon where they won't want to go (but hopefully we still have a few years with Will Holden left).  

After lunch, we got ready because we had a very exciting afternoon ahead of us girls!!! 

The new Miss America is from Fayetteville, Arkansas and the town had organized a big homecoming parade and event for her.  It's our first Miss Arkansas to be Miss America in a long time so it's very exciting.  One of the floats was for Arkansas Children's Hospital and we were asked to ride on it.   We ended up taking our friend Sarah Kate along with us.  She is obsessed with Miss America and has been treated at ACH so we got to invite her along! 

We had to wait a long time to go on our float but the girls had so much fun together.  One of the families riding on the float is one I knew so it was nice to visit with them and one of their daughters got to play with my girls.  

The girls in front of our float.  It was windy but a beautiful day.  

We were finally ready to go on the float! (You can see Tusk the Razorback mascot was next to us! ha!) 

It really was a lot of fun.  There were tons of people out and my girls LOVED waving and smiling! 

The parade ended at the Greek theatre on the U of A campus and they had a big program. There were tons of people there and I was almost ready to give up trying to get a picture with Miss America but the girls wanted to SOOOOO badly that we stuck it out.  I ran into a couple of friends who we ended up standing in line with which made it a lot more fun.  My phone died on me right before we got up to take our picture but luckily what I didn't know is someone was taking pictures! Thank goodness.  

I'm going to have to frame this.  It was such a fun experience and something I hope these girls will always remember! They just have so much fun together.  Our families went to lunch together today after church and then Harper and Sarah Kate were already wanting to face time each other by the time we got home.  I love that they are friends.  

This morning the kid choir sang in the choir loft with the adult choir.  Harper was so excited.  It was a sweet service.  We were back this afternoon for choir practice and church and now we are preparing for the week ahead.

These days are precious!!

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