Tuesday, October 25, 2016

18 months

Well, Will Holden - you are 18 months old!!!! 

Your sisters each had an 18 month update so I need to make sure you have one too.  It's been to look back and compare.  It's amazing what you forget after a few years.  

You weigh right around 30 pounds.  You are a BIG boy.  
You wear a size 18 months and some 2T.
You wear a size 4 diaper and a size 6 shoe.  

You are really starting to get to be so fun.  You have a funny little personality and a very mischievous spirit.  

You are a climber and a runner.  You are RARELY if ever still.  

You are OBSESSED with your "sissies".  You cry every morning when I drop the off in car line and as soon as we get in car line to pick them up you start yelling "SISSY!!!"  They make you laugh so hard.  And they ADORE you.  It's the sweetest.  

You are a BIG eater.  You would eat from sunrise to sunset if I would let you.  We laugh that your favorite word is "more".   When I go to get in you in the morning - you are usually standing up doing the "more" sign and saying "MORE" which means "feed me".  You also say "cracker" constantly which basically means any food.  You love eggs more than anything and strawberries are your second favorite food.  

Somehow, you quit sucking your thumb on your own.  Which is great that I don't have to break you but it's harder to get you to go to bed now.  But you are still a great sleeper.  You sleep around 12 straight hours and you take one good two hour nap a day.  

Separation anxiety has gotten SO much better since you started MDO.  You really like MDO - you go right in and seem so happy about it.  You have the sweetest teachers.  

You are saying a lot of words.  I love how happy you seem when you think I understand what you need.  

You love Mickey Mouse.  A LOT! 

You love BALLS.  You are constantly looking for "balls" and love to play with them.  

You have just added so much to our family! I'm so glad God gave our family a boy! You have been the best gift! We love you! 

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