Thursday, September 15, 2016

Just some things.........

Monday night I had the honor of speaking at the church I grew up in where my dad pastored for 30 years.  They had a women's dinner for many area churches and around 200 women attended.  Even though I haven't lived there in 25 years, it always feels like home when I go back.

Laurie and I are speaking at Park Hill Baptist in North Little Rock next Thursday night.  We would love for you to attend if you live near by.  We were laughing because they wanted a picture of us together and I honestly could not find one from the last few years.  We are always together but I guess we just have too much fun to take pictures.  I could only find pictures like this one when I was pregnant.  This is one of my favorites of us and some of our kids.  They were so little.  

And I want to tell you about the series that I'm going to start here on my blog on Fridays starting tomorrow.  

I have gotten so into podcasts here recently and my favorite ones are just people I know of who basically just have a conversation/interview with other people.  I think it's SO fun and interesting.  I don't want to do a podcast because I laugh like a hyena and I would have no idea how to do one but I thought it would fun to do a weekly interview with people.  I have lots of fun guests lined up.  And they are going to be answering 12 questions that all start with an F.  Because nothing is better than alliteration.  Some you will know and some you will have no idea who they are but I think it will fun.  I also love to follow "Humans from New York" on IG and read people's stories.  Everyone has one.  So I hope you will come and visit on Fridays! I wish I could have pie and Diet Coke/Coffee waiting for you.  

(I just realized that I used the word "fun" no less than 78 times in the last paragraph.  So to sum it up - Fridays will be Fun.) 

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