Monday, September 12, 2016

A for Arkansas has been an EXCITING weekend for my state!!!!!!!!

 If you know me - you know besides my family, friends and Jesus - some of the things I love most are Arkansas, pageants and football.  So the fact that Arkansas won a HUGE game Saturday night (that honestly nearly killed me.  I may have to start taking baby aspirin before games because I nearly had a heart attack) and THEN last night Miss Arkansas won Miss America!! For the first time in 35 years!!!! (Spoiler alert if you haven't watched it yet.  I'm so sorry - but it's ALL over my news feeds on everything so it's not too big of a secret!)


Needless to say I spent a lot of time this weekend jumping up and down in my living room.  The girls woke up last night and came in the living room 5 minutes before they announced the winner so I let them stay up.  We were all whisper screaming and jumping up and down.  (We can't do a lot of yelling at 10 with a baby in the house).  

Other than the big wins.............our life has been busy and fun.  

Friday morning was the first school assembly.  Harper's class led it and they did awesome.  She had a few lines and she did great.  And Hollis was the first kid in her class to get student of the week.  She was so excited.  She also earned enough behavior points to have lunch with her teacher and it was basically the highlight of her life.  

There was a big Vintage Market sale in town this weekend and I went with a few friends on Friday.  

So much great stuff!! I loved looking around.  It was basically as hot as the surface of the sun that day so I had a hard time after a while looking but we still enjoyed it.  

I just love getting ideas.  I get overwhelmed with all the cuteness though.  

We had a great time and then had lunch together.  

Friday night we had a sitter and got to finally go see "GREATER".  If it's in your area - run and go see it.  It's a wonderful movie!!!! 

Saturday morning we had Mugs and Muffins at church.  We had kind of a vintage theme there and it was so cute.  All of us servers wore old vintage aprons and I wish I had taken a picture.  

My friend Amy was the speaker.  She is a pastor's wife and owns the CUTEST kitchen store and also has a cooking show on our local NBC channel.  She spoke on Biblical hospitality and it was SOOOO good.  I loved everything about it.  

The rest of Saturday was about football! Our game wasn't until night so I took Will in the afternoon and we went for a long walk through town.  They were hosting the National Squirrel Cooking Championship on our square that day.  yes.  Squirrel.  No we did not taste any.  But it was fun to walk around and look.  

We walked around Crystal Bridges and saw some new art.  

Yesterday before church.  I had the kids in red,white and blue to honor our country's colors on 9/11.  I wanted to take their picture and Will climbed up on the bench and flashed a big smile and kept saying "CHEESE".  He got it!!! He is obsessed with his "Sissy's".  He says "sissy" 10,870 times a day.  So anything to be with them I guess.  

Harper got asked to be a Little Miss in the high school pageant by this beautiful girl, MacKenzie.  She did it for her last year as well and she is THRILLED!!!! She gave her flowers when she asked Harper.  It was the sweetest thing and Harper was SO proud.  

It was a fun and eventful weekend and we are back on track for Monday! Hope you have a great day too! 

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