Sunday, August 07, 2016

Summa Summa Summa-Time

Well, we are winding down summer and it's been a fun one.  

Scott and I actually went on a date about a week ago.  A DATE! I think it had been over six months since we had been on one.  We are just bad about lining up sitters and making it happen.  I told him we really needed to make a goal to do it more often.  We had a good time being alone together! Don't we look happy? ha ha! 

Oh and my SIL had a baby while we were on our date! I have a new nephew and he's adorable.  I can't wait to meet him!!! I'm already trying to figure out when I can get to Dallas! 

We seem to always have something to do or somewhere to go this summer but sometimes it's nice when we have those days that we just hang out in our pjs and I get caught up on laundry.  Those are the days the girls pick out their own clothes - which is ALWAYS dresses and cowboy boots.  Even when it's 105 heat index and I tell them it's too hot - they insist.  My little Dixie chicks.  I love that they are best friends.  

We got our school supplies all bought and this week we will have open house.  We found out that Hollis got a kindergarten teacher that we go to church with and she is the sweetest and best teacher! I'm so thrilled.  Honestly, I would have been thrilled no matter what because our school has amazing kindergarten teachers and I love them all.  But I think it's going to be a good year for her. I'm anxious to see who Harper gets for 2nd grade! I just can't believe she is going to BE in 2nd grade. WHAT?

My only political post these days is that I would vote for this guy if I possibly could.  

I mean look at those sweet cheeks.  He's so proud to wear his sisters' purse.  Love him.  

There is a group called Hands and Voices here in Arkansas (I'm pretty sure there is one in most states).  They support parents and kids who are deaf and hard of hearing.  They usually have a couple of events each year along with informational meetings for parents.  We have been to a few but it's been a while because it ALWAYS falls in conflict of something else.  But thankfully, right after a summer that Harper has struggled a little with having hearing aids - we were able to go to a back to school bowling party.  Harper got to see lots of kids like her and I think it made her happy and I was able to visit with a lot of the moms.  The kids come from all over so I think we only met one that was in our town but luckily it's a little girl the same age as Harper.  They are in different elementary schools but unless we move - from middle school through high school - they will go to the same schools.  She has the sweetest mom so I'm so excited that eventually Harper will have a friend like her in school.  Right around the time she will probably really need it.  We are going to try and get them together some so they will know each other better.  What a HUGE gift!

Friday night, Scott and I attended a fundraising dinner for Arkansas Children's Hospital.  This is where Harper goes for all of her audiology appointments and they have been such a blessing to us.  The best news is that they are building an AR Children's Hospital in NWA in the next 18 months! They have a Color of Hope Gala every year to raise money for the hospital but this year was extra special because we were raising it for our OWN hospital!!! They raised one million dollars that night!  It was such a fun event and everyone wore blue.  I helped on the silent auction committee and spent 3 days last week setting up.  My sweet inlaws were so great to come in town and keep the kids so I could work!  They were so happy to spend time with the kids and my kids were so happy, Harper was sobbing this morning after they left.  

Saturday we went bowling (we haven't bowled in like two years and we have been three times in the last 2 weeks. ha!)  It's something we can do inside that we enjoy doing! We had a great time and this boy loved running around.  Then we went out for an early dinner.  

This week we are gearing up for our last week of summer vacation.  We have a lot planned but we are also ready for school.  I just don't know if we are ready for early bedtimes and early mornings.  And homework.  ha! 

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