Thursday, July 07, 2016

Real Life Every Day Kids Rooms

Today is all about kid's rooms! 

This is Will Holden's nursery.  

His nursery is very simple.  I wanted just a really clean look with some "deer" accents.  We had his room painted a light gray and everything is gray and white.  My dad made this dresser for Harper and we are using it for Will Holden.  My friend Susie made this sign with a Bible Verse we love for Will Holden AND the girls.  

I bought the big cabinet off Craig's List last spring.  It came from Pottery Barn originally.  I just needed somewhere to store toys.  We are limited on space for toys so I had to do something.  
The deer antlers came from my Uncle and are a family heirloom.  

And my girls' share a room.  I found similar beds in junk stores and painted them with Annie Sloan paint and found these white comforters at Target.  I'm getting ready to paint the middle table a pink that will match the blankets on their bed and I have new gold knobs for it also.  I think that will add a pop of color.  

They share a monogram which makes decorations easy to use anything monogrammed and the dress that is framed is the one they both came home from the hospital in.  Their toys are all creatively stored in their closet or in a dresser that you can't see.  With small rooms - you have to be organized! 

My girls love sharing a room and I'm hoping they will continue to for a few more years.  

I'm looking forward to seeing your rooms.  If you don't blog - use #reallifeeverydaykidsbedrooms and link up on Instagram.  

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