Wednesday, July 06, 2016

How Social are you???

We had the most fun fourth.......

but the FIFTH of July has us like whoa.  A lot of crying, tired kids around here. ha! 

So I wanted to talk social media.  I'm curious what are you using and what do you love the most?

I started out with Facebook and have always loved it but then I got into twitter for a while.  I lost my love for Facebook briefly when I decided twitter was my very favorite.

I still think Twitter is  a great source of news for me - but I rarely every look at it anymore.  Do you use twitter as much as you once did?

Then I discovered Instagram - and it still reigns now as my favorite.  I love the pictures and story telling.  It's like a  super quick blog post.  I think IG killed blogging for a lot of people which I hate but I love scrolling through and seeing pictures of people and feeling like I'm keeping up with all of my "friends".  

And then recently, I tried out snap chat. (I'm mrskellystamps)  I always thought Snap Chat was just for teenagers.  But I guess like most social media forms that start out with just teens - the middle aged people move in and soon it won't be popular with teens anymore.  I read it is the most used social media now.  It's hard to find people to follow and I'm still figuring it out but now that I'm following a few people I know - I sort of love following their "stories".  

Are there are other social media sites you use regularly?

I know social media gets a bad rap.  Yes - like anything else - it can be good or bad.  Ice cream is something that is so good but if you mis use it - eat it for three meals a day - it will quickly not be good for you.  Social media can cause comparison issues and self esteem problems and jealousy - it all depends on who you follow and what you choose to look at.  I also think it can be used as a source of encouragement and to lift others up.  What are your thoughts on that? 

Next we are going to discuss Podcasts.  Because I have really gotten into those lately.  :-) 

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