Sunday, June 05, 2016

Whole 30 Update Week Two

Well I have made it 14 days! I'm almost halfway.

I have heard from several friends that they have started Whole 30.  Because here's the deal - if I can do this, ANYONE can!!! And that's the truth!

I honestly feel so much better.  I looked about 6 months pregnant before and now I just look 3.  ha! My stomach really looks flatter and I am less bloated.  I haven't had any stomach issues like I normally have.  I'm still craving diet coke and sugar but not terrible.  And the tiredness is starting to wear off.  I'm starting to have more energy but I also have been sleeping so well.

The hardest thing is still the planning and the constant cooking and cleaning - but it's working.

NOW I KNOW IT'S A HUGE RULE NOT TO WEIGHT UNTIL THE END.  And the point is to get healthy and change your lifestyle.  I'm not encouraging you to do this but I'm that girl who has no patience - so I did weigh.  And I also have watched enough seasons of Biggest Loser to know the second week is usually slow.  But I still managed to lose 2 pounds.  I'm thrilled with that.  I'm down 11 pounds in two weeks! I also tried to work in exercise almost every day this week.

And I think this is something I will stick with after the 30 days.  Yes I may occasionally have a coke or a piece of cake - but I'm going to try and stick to this lifestyle.  It just makes sense.

Another thing, so many of you have asked me about snacking.  Snacking is discouraged and I'm not a snacker.  But Scott is and he has had apples and almond butter, a handful of cashews or a boiled egg when he needs something.

So here is what we ate this week.  I am not posting every meal because we had a lot of repeats.  I wanted to share especially some different things we tried this week.  You can see other meals on my post from last week.

This is something we ate a few times.  I LOVE salmon.  And I kind of have a chicken aversion so I can only eat so much chicken.  So salmon and roasted green beans makes the rotation a lot.  

I added in a lot of avocados this week.  It's good to get good fats and that is my favorite.  I squeeze some lime on it and it's so good.  This chicken I just made with olive oil and kosher salt.  

My friend Lindsey is doing whole 30 too right now and she sent me this - to make my own taco/fajita seasoning.  This was a game changer.  

This doesn't look delicious but it was.  Fajitas with steak, onions and green peppers.  And I made homemade guacamole (avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, lime and salt).  I got my Mexican food! 

We eat a lot of hamburger "steak".  This week I'm going to switch us to turkey burgers.  

I made my first visit to Whole Foods.  Ours is brand new and about 30 miles away.  They had Whole 30 bacon! So I made us BLT's with no bread or mayo.  And I got plantain chips to eat with guacamole for some crunch.  BEST MEAL! 

I tried to get creative and bought squash spaghetti. I sautéed it with tomatoes, mushrooms and then added arugula.  It looks good.  It was horrible.  I only ate maybe half.  But A for effort.  

Taco Salad!! This was a winner! 
Taco meat with the seasoning mix above, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado and compliant salsa.  

Saturday night we grilled steaks and had new potatoes and green beans.  Since we aren't eating out, I wanted us to have something good! Also, I have to plan for Sunday lunches.  That's my hardest problem because I can't come home and cook.  So I cooked an extra steak and we had steak salads for lunch today.  Steak, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, hardboiled egg and a little vinegar/oil. 

If you are thinking about it, it really is not that hard.  A little effort and will power and it can make you feel like a new person.  And this is coming from a sugar/carb addict.  

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