Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Summer Fun

Our summer is off to a good start.  Actually it really hasn't completely started because Harper doesn't get out of school until the end of next week.  We are SO ready to be done. It has been an amazing year but we are limping toward the finish line.

But in good news - Will Holden started walking Saturday.  The girls kept trying to get him to and I'm so thrilled that I caught him on tape taking his first walk.  The smile on his face when he gets to Hollis is PRICELESS.  And my screaming is obnoxious - but when your baby first walks - it's exciting!

IMG_5328.MOV from Kelly Martin Stamps on Vimeo.

And just a few days later and he is walking all over the place and so proud of himself.  

Will Holden is a great sleeper and has always slept through the night but lately he has been getting up around 5 a.m.  Today it was 4:30 a.m.  No matter how late I keep him up - he still wakes up early and I'm hoping it's a phase that ends quickly.  Especially once we are all out for summer.  On the plus side - we are extremely early to everything.  Sunday we were ready to go almost an hour early.  And normally I would be sliding into carline in the mornings with about 3 minutes to spare and her in the last few weeks - we are like 30 minutes early to school.  So there's that.  

While Harper is in school, the rest of us have had fun going to parks and playing.  

It's finally hot and not raining so we are happy about that. 

Today I had the huge honor to attend the adoption of one of my close friends.  Her family has fostered the sweetest little girl for probably the last year and today they finally made her a forever member of their family.  So many of us have been praying for this sweet little girl and it was a blessing to see her brought into their family for good today.  

So proud of my friends.  

Will Holden went to MDO today and Hollis and I ran errands.  We went to pick out a birthday gift for her BFF.  She had STRONG opinions on what he might like.  I felt like we were in the toy aisle for three hours while she decided exactly what to get him.  

This afternoon, Harper went home with a friend to play so Hollis and I took Will Holden to the splash park for the first time.  Both my girls hated it the first few times they went but he LOVED it.  I had to drag him out.  He also made me a nervous wreck because he wanted to wobble all around and it's concrete and mixed with water - I could just see him falling and breaking his head.  So I was soaked trying to follow him and make sure he didn't get hurt.  

But we had a Splash of a time. 

And what is a good summer night without going after supper to get a snow cone? (Sadly I just looked on as they ate. ha!)  It's those simple things that I think are the most fun and make the best memories! 

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