Thursday, June 30, 2016


Well, it's one of our favorite weeks of the year.........

Vacation Bible School!!!!!!!!! 

The kids are having so much fun! They are have fun with their friends and getting to do crafts and play games and of course the most popular- snack time! 

But most importantly they are learning about Jesus.  Harper asked Jesus in her heart last year at Bible School so it's a special week to us! 

I am helping with Preschool Crafts.  Thankfully I don't have to be too crafty to help in that area and I love seeing all the kids! We have over 700 kids at VBS this week - it's so exciting! 

I was looking back last night at pictures from all the VBS days for the last 7 years that I have been apart of.  I can't begin to tell you what an enormous blessing it is to see pictures of my kids when they were in the baby room through now as Harper is in grade school VBS and how so many of the kids are still their friends.  It's an even bigger blessing to see all the adults who give of their time and energy to work this week and how they are affecting my kids' spiritual growth.

Last month our church had a special service that we have every year dedicated to the graduating seniors.  Our church puts a big emphasis on kids and youth and training them to know God but also to be sent out as they leave home and to follow Him.  It's always so special each year when we celebrate the kids who have graduated and they have any adult to stand who ever held them in the nursery or taught them in preschool choir or hosted their DNOW house or taught them in Sunday School or were involved with them in any way while they grew up.  The graduating seniors are able to stand on the stage and look out at all the people who had a hand in teaching them about God through the years.  That may seem like a simple moment but that's what the church is to me.  The church is there to reach those who don't know about Jesus but it's also to equip the saved.  

I feel passionately that it's not enough to just show up to church.  It's so important that you BE the church.  That you get involved and serve.  Not in every area but in the place that God calls you to.  Statistics show that 90% of the money given and service done in a church comes from about 10% of people.  I have found that to be true.  I always wonder what would happen if 90% of people started giving of their time and money.  Could be a game changer! 

Jennie Allen wrote this yesterday on IG and I loved it and so agree.  We can't just sit back and wait for everyone else to serve us.  And it's not just in the church - we have a community that has great needs and it's so important that we open our eyes and look around for where we can help - in big or small ways.  We weren't put here on earth to be an island.  

I'm grateful for every person who has rocked my babies and every person who cleans the church as much as the pastors on staff.  I'm grateful for those who make meals when someone is sick and for those who visit people in the hospital.  I'm grateful for those who send a note when they know someone is hurting and for those who give money to meet a need.  A community of people working together with a goal of sharing Jesus and "being" Jesus to others is a wonderful thing! 


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