Thursday, June 30, 2016


Well - our bedroom is my least favorite room in our house.  I like to sleep in there but it's not decorated too amazing.  I just can't seem to get it right and I would rather fix up the rest of the house first.  It used to look like this and then I had it painted and painted the furniture.  

This is how it looks now.  I do like the colors better.  I would love to tear out the carpet and put in wood floors.  And I kept it real and left the pack and play full of toys in sight.  I have to keep that up so I can contain Will Holden when I need to get ready or do something for a few minutes.  What you do not see is the chair in the corner of the room that was full of laundry that needed to be put up.

I'm hoping to get inspiration from your bedrooms.  Post away!! And post on IG using #reallifeeverydaybedrooms

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