Sunday, June 19, 2016

Just me and my boy

Well, we finally made it to summer!!!!!

Harper had her last day of first grade.  What a wonderful year she had! She had the BEST dedicated wonderful Christian teacher who helped her so much.  Harper leaped 8 reading levels in one year.  This just means so much to be after she started off really struggling.  She made a lot of really great little girl friends who I hope she will stick with for a few years.  I can hardly believe she is a second grader now.  Like seriously, how does it happen so quickly? 

The difference in just under two years blows me away.  Not just in size and appearance - but everything about her is growing up and maturing and as her teacher wrote in her copy of "oh the places you go" - when you think of Harper - you just think JOY. 

Thursday, Will Holden went to MDO and I was excited to spend the morning with my girls.  We walked around the store and went to a couple of stores together.  

These girls are obsessed with purses. They almost always want to wear a cross body purse (probably because I always have one).  

We ate at our favorite pizza truck.  You can see my pitiful salad in the corner while the girls got the delicious pizza.  Of course it was a heat index of over 100 that day so we were dying of heat while we ate.  But it seemed like a fun idea.

Scott and Steve always go to south Arkansas in June to get the hunting land ready.  They took the girls with them on Thursday after lunch so they could spend a week with their grandparents.  

Which means I got four whole days with this hunk of love by myself.  I made a big project list to accomplish but I could only work on things while he slept so while he was awake I tried to do some fun things like take him to the museum and let him play, take him to the splash park, and for many walks.  

We hit up the farmer's market Saturday morning.  We ran into these pretty princesses and I thought it would be fun to take his picture with them.  

That afternoon we went for a late walk and he passed out.  How cute are those cheeks and thighs?

I somehow managed to clean out my closet, clean out the girls' room, weed and mulch our landscaping and paint our bedroom furniture.  I'm headed to south AR on Wednesday to pick up the girls and the kids and I are headed to Dallas to spend the rest of the week with my family. 

Scott got home this afternoon.  We are thankful for him and what a loving dad he is! 

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