Tuesday, June 21, 2016


This is a post that you probably have no interest in reading unless you are a REAL dog lover.  But I had to write it. 

This morning we had to put Dawson to sleep.  He had lost all quality of life in the last few weeks.  I took him last week and cried at the vet and just couldn't do it but he got a lot worse and I knew it was time.  He was almost 14 and my first baby but I couldn't let him suffer.  I was completely sick over it and sobbed like a crazy woman in the vet's office but it was very peaceful and he won't suffer anymore.  

Scott gave me Dawson as a Christmas present a few months before we got engaged.  He was a cute white ball of fur and I adored him.  

He slept with me before we got married and then continued to sleep with us for the next few years after we were married.  

One of my favorite memories is when I was pregnant with Harper I spent a lot of nights laying on the couch watching TV and he would lay right on my belly every night.  

Yes he was the star of all our Christmas cards before the kids came along.  He hasn't been in any since and it's NOT because we didn't love him crazy - it's just it's stressful enough to try to get kids look at the camera - much less get a dog to sit still.  ha! 

He really loved when we dressed him up! 

He's always been right there along side the kids.  He never barked until we had the kids and now he barks at everything.  I'm pretty sure he decided it was his job to protect them.  

Celebrating his 10th birthday.  

Dawson was a sweet, loving dog.  I hope he had a really good life.  I know he gave us a lot of happiness.  

RIP Dawson. 

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