Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Celebrities and Country Living

Last week was a big week in our town.  We had the second annual Bentonville Film Festival.  Geena Davis hosts this and the filmmakers who bring their movies are guaranteed to get them produced or in stores.  The emphasis is on women in movies.  It's so crazy that we live in this small town in Arkansas that doesn't even have a movie theatre and we had a first class film festival and celebrities like Harry Connick Jr., Kimberly Paisley from my favorite movie Father of the Bride, Meg Ryan, Jon Voigt and others were all in town hanging out where I hang out.

They have tons of movies showing all over town along with events.  We went to check them out setting it up on Tuesday.  My girls spent the rest of the week with my parents and I was trying to get a lot of projects done while they were gone so I didn't get to take part in the festivities much but it was still fun seeing everything going on around town.  

We ate at a food truck Tuesday before heading to Flippin.  It was a beautiful day to be outside and people were out everywhere.  

I spent Tuesday night at my parents.  Will Holden had fun exploring.  

My parents live in the country and it's so pretty.  It's a great place to sit on the porch and read a book.  

My Aunt Linda came to eat dinner with us.  She is always so good to my family.  She loves my babies so much.  She brought the girls purses and jewelry.  They wore them non stop for the rest of the week.  And this week.  

Country fun 

Two All American boys 

Will Holden and I came home Wednesday and the girls stayed and had a lot of fun.  They had picnics outside and cooked with Nonny and just made a lot of memories.  

My parents took them to Silver dollar city one day.  
And to a children's dinner theatre one night.  

Meanwhile, Will Holden and I had some alone time while I worked around the house.  His FAVORITE thing is their American Doll kitchen.  I had to hide it in their closet but he still found it and was so happy.  ha! 

In the midst of all our weekend celebrations, I spoke at a local church on Saturday morning at their Mother's Day Brunch.  This was the pastor's wife.  She is so sweet - we had a lot in common! 

And now we are back to reality.  It was rough getting back to school tomorrow after a two week break.  We still have about 5 weeks of school left.  Will Holden got his one year shots yesterday morning and then we headed to Walmart.  

We are back in our routine and it feels good but we sure enjoyed our break! 

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