Sunday, May 08, 2016

A Weekend of Will

We spent this weekend celebrating our boy! 

We had Will's birthday party this weekend! It was a couple of weeks late but the best time to get our families to come! 

It really was more of a family dinner but I felt like he needed a few decorations and a theme.

The theme was "Good Will Hunting".  Get it.  I feel so clever but no else thinks so.  ha! 

His cute smash cake

I just had cupcakes from Sam's with these cute deer I found at Hobby Lobby! 

My friend Robin made these amazing cookies! I just told her to do deer.  I didn't even tell her I had a wooden Will bunting I was hanging and she totally made cookies to match without knowing.  She can make anything.  Her instagram is @cookiesandconfections. She doesn't ship but if you are local - you need to look her up.  Or just follow her instagram and see her artwork! It blows me away every time! 

Will wanted to welcome everyone to the gun show.  

We were thankful to have both sets of grandparents to celebrate with.  

Steve, Laurie and the girls had something to go to that night but they came over first for presents and cake.  I was so tickled. We had Will Holden in the middle of the floor and the girls surrounded him and opened his presents for him.  That boy just doesn't have a chance with these four older girls.  I feel like they will make him sweet and spoiled all at the same time.  

We let the boy eat cake. 

Let's just say he liked it.  He was double fisting it and shoving it in! 

That's a happy birthday boy! We had hamburgers and just celebrated our boy! It was a great first birthday! 

This morning was special because it was Mother's Day and we had Will's baby dedication.  This is the only picture we have of Will Holden looking the camera.  The nursery workers were getting his attention and I think he was just scared they were about to take him. ha! 

Our church had these fun backgrounds for pictures today.  So glad our family could all be there to see Will Holden's dedication! 

I wrote this on Instagram but for us and our church, baby dedication means we are committing to raise him in a home that will teach him about Jesus and do everything we can to raise a Godly man. My prayer for him is that he will be bold in his faith and passionate in his love for God and others. We had the girls with us because as I told them - we were committed as a family to teach Will Holden about Jesus and he will look to them as role models. Thankful for a church that walks beside us to develop a love for God and His word in our children. That's the best gift a mother needs! 

I think there were 18 families that dedicated babies this morning and two sets of twins! I look mad here but I was just being very serious about my duties. ha! 

These two have such a special bond.  

He may be wearing a monogrammed bubble but he's all boy and a future linebacker.  Our house is completely full of john deere toys and dump trucks right now.  It's just the sweetest sight.  

Today also happens to be my MIL's birthday! We all went out to lunch and then came home and gave her a few gifts (like what else - framed pics of her grandkids).  

It was a special weekend to celebrate a sweet boy! 

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