Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Break

Last week was our spring break.  We were all ready for a week where we didn't have to rush out of the house every morning and could take things a little slower.  

I feel like nearly everyone in NWA went on some fabulous trip during Spring break but we stayed home and just tried to have a little fun every day! 

Monday we had to run some errands and then we went to Target so Hollis could spend her birthday gift cards.  She was so excited to pick out a few things!   We had our last speech therapy appointment with our therapist that afternoon for a while - she is having a baby any day.  We are going to be seeing a new one starting this week! 

When we got home, Laurie brought Sarah Kate over so she could have a sleepover.  She and Harper have really become BFF lately and they have been so excited! 

This was their first ever text message exchange a few weeks ago when they planned the sleepover.  Harper is FOND of emoticons.  

Sarah Kate spent all day Tuesday with us as well.  We went to the mall and hit up Claire's and a few other stores and then ate lunch at Olive Garden.  I was a little nervous taking four kids out but they were all very well behaved and we had so much fun! 

Harper ended up spending the night at Sarah Kate's on Tuesday night.  Emily had three of her friends over so SK wanted a friend too.  

After two slumber parties in a row, I had tired girls on my hands so Wednesday was a lazy stay at home day.  It was cold so the girls spent a lot of time watching movies or playing in their room.  


We had planned on doing something with Hollis' BFF during spring break but he was sick most of the week.  By Thursday he felt better so we met him and his mom for lunch.  These two were so happy to see each other.  

Good Friday was also Scott's 40th birthday.  He works about 30 minutes away from where we live so we thought we would take him to lunch and then go to the drive through zoo in that town.  We ended eating at this fun dairyette that I used to eat at weekly when I worked at a church camp in that town during college.  I hadn't eaten there in 20 years.  It had changed but it was still as good as I remember.  The kids loved it.

We have this neat drive through/petting zoo near us that we hadn't been to in about 4 years.  I wasn't really thinking about it being spring break and Good Friday because there were about 10,000 other people there that day.  It was WAY too crowded but we tried to have fun anyway.  

Will kind of lost it on the drive thru part and the girls were very disappointed they didn't get to hold any baby monkeys (I MIGHT have given them the impression they would get to).  But overall it was still fun. 

Of course, we saw monkeys, lions, tigers, giraffes, kangaroos and a ton of other animals and the highlight for Harper were these baby cats.

Because of course.

And by Saturday, I was kind of "fun'ed" out.  The fighting started to get full force and we were ready for school to start back today.  But it was still a nice break!

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