Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

Happy Easter!!!!!

This is a day we celebrate every day because we are thankful for Jesus and that He died for us and rose again! It's a little overwhelming when I realize Jesus loves me SO much that He died for me. 

And You! 

This was Will Holden's first Easter.  It was such a sweet blessing to see THREE baskets sitting out this morning.  

Our Easter Sundays are always busy because we are usually greeting or helping with baptisms or the nursery or somehow AND it was 70 and gorgeous yesterday and (of course) today was 40 degrees and raining so we dressed up the kids yesterday and took them out to take pictures.  I didn't want to stress over pictures this morning BUT I wanted pictures because this is the only FIRST Easter Will Holden will ever have and I just want to capture the moment.  

 Scott got some sweet shots of these girls! 

We took probably 127 pictures to get two that were decent. ha! Getting three kids to sit and pose is like Mission Impossible.  

We were out of the house by 7:30 and went to the early service.  It was a wonderful service and I love worshipping and remembering just what God has done for us!

We hosted lunch after.  Every Easter for the last 10 years, we have celebrated with Laurie and Steve.

We were very beige this year.  I usually love pastels but I found these little dresses and decided we would just be neutral this spring.  

Hollis' BFF and his parents (our dear friends) came for lunch too.  It was fun having them join us! 

 It was too cold to be outside so after we did an egg hunt in the house.  The kids had a good time! 

I love watching our girls grow up together.  Harper and Sarah Kate are especially close.  I feel like they are my second daughters.  

The last few Easters together.  

And this is my favorite picture of them.  Where did my baby Harper go? 

We had a wonderful day and my favorite thing is scrolling through social media and looking at all the pretty families.  I think I have written the words "beautiful, precious, and darling" a million times.
But if you are struggling - thinking everyone else has a perfect life and you are barely treading water - please know that these are highlight reels.  There may be shiny, happy faces in the pictures but you don't always know the imperfections that lie behind.  And you may be lonely and it's hard to look at pictures because you don't have that family yet or you are desperate for a child that hasn't come.  Or you have lost a husband or child.  I just pray that today you will know that you are loved.  And that you will have hope that you are not alone or forgotten.  Jesus has promised to never leave you.  He is holding you even when you think you are falling. 

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