Sunday, January 10, 2016

So it's January

I always say I love January because December is so crazy busy and then January comes and it's cold and dark and usually there is NOTHING happening.  So I have been looking forward to the slow days of January.  

But I think it didn't get the memo on being slow.  I started off the first week with a full week.  I STILL don't have all my Christmas down.  I'm down to our one big tree to take down and hopefully that will happen tomorrow.

And of course now I want to change everything in my house.  That always happens every year when Christmas comes down.  Suddenly - I want a new look.  I'm blaming Fixer Upper.  

 So, My friend Amy (it's a long story how I know her but she was at my high school prom and we have reconnected as adults and I just love her) has the cutest little shop called Euna Mae's.  It's all kitchen stuff and forever she has instagrammed food she cooks and it makes me salivate.  So someone got smart and gave her her own cooking show.  It's local but it's SO fun.  Monday was her first episode and she invited a group of girls over to watch it with her and eat lunch.  She made us what she made on the show - shrimp and grits - and it was to DIE FOR! In fact, I need to make it ASAP!  You can watch her here but I'm warning you - she will make you want to cook all the things.

Tuesday our Bible Study started back.  We are doing "Armor of God" by Priscilla Shirer.  I LOVE Priscilla so I'm so excited.  Will Holden had a stomach bug so I didn't want to put him in the nursery so we missed.  But I will be there with bells on this Tuesday.

Wednesday I had to meet some ladies at church for women's ministry stuff and then we went to lunch.  Not pictured is my right hand man Will Holden.  I got tickled because there were a lot of older women in Chili's that day and they all kept coming up to our table to talk to Will.  I think it's so sweet how older women (and younger I guess too!) love babies.

Thursday, Hollis, Will Holden and I met some friends for lunch.  I had one of my friends ask me "are you eating out lunch every day?" which I was laughing because 99% of the time we eat lunch at home but I think this was the week of "Hey - we were all so busy in December - wanna have lunch and catch up?"  My favorite restaurant in Fayetteville has opened up in downtown Rogers and it is SOOOO good.  

And after all that eating out, Friday I FINALLY joined a new gym!!! I haven't worked out in 18 months since I was early pregnant.  It felt good to be back.  I'm trying to really commit to go as much as possible and get in shape.  

Friday night into Saturday we had a forecast of snow and Hollis' preschool teacher told them if they wore their pajamas inside out and backwards it would snow.  Hollis took this VERY seriously.  So we did.  And I was advised on IG to also sleep with spoons under our pillows so we did that too.

And we DID get snow flurries on Saturday but it wasn't the 3 or more inches I was hoping for.

We had a cozy day at home on Saturday and went to our friends' house for dinner.  We had the best time eating and visiting while the kids played.  I love weekends like that. 

We went to lunch with Laurie and Steve after church today and the four girls had their own table and they roped me into a play date so Emily and Sarah Kate came home with us for most of the afternoon.  They had the best time playing.  Will Holden wasn't as sure.  

While they were there, the picture on the left came on my time hop.  This was exactly four years ago today.  I can't believe those girls were 3 and now (as of this coming Saturday) they are SEVEN!!! Time has flown by! We recreated the picture.  You can't tell but they are still holding hands and still wonderful friends.   I hope at 16 they are still this close.  But I don't need that to happen too quickly. 

We are ready for another week! 
My boy can rock the smocked long all but he looks equally sweet in his camo and jeans.  He is my sweet southern boy.  :-) 

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