Thursday, January 07, 2016

Eight Months

Will Holden - you are eight months old!!!!

You are actually getting close to nine months and I missed your seven months update but life with you and your sisters is BUSY so better late than never! 

You weigh almost 20 pounds (70%) and 29 inches (88%).  So you are a big boy!

You are wearing 12 months clothes and size 3 diapers.

You have two bottom teeth and a top tooth that just broke through.

You sleep around 12 hours every night (PRAISE THE LORD) and would take two good naps if our life allowed us to stay home to do that! At christmas break - your naps were great but we are back to car line and school and life so you get your naps when you can. 

You love yogurt and baby food but you aren't a fan of "real food".  I'm hoping you will start eating more actual food soon. 

You like to sit up and play.

You like being in an exersaucer and walker for short periods. 

You aren't fully crawling yet but you can get around a room really quick and you are rocking back and forth like crawling is just days away.

You babble and talk a lot but you really only say "Da-Da".  I am still waiting to hear my name! You will probably say "Sissy" first. :-) 

Speaking of sisters - yours are crazy about you! I'm worried you may never do anything for yourself because between me and them - you really rarely are left alone.  Harper and Hollis beg me all day long "I want to hold him".  And if I ever put you down in the floor for 2 minutes, they are by your side and usually trying to hold you.  Harper told me "MAN I just love him so much".  And they both constantly say that you are SO adorable and they just fawn over you.  Hollis sits next to you in the car and just baby talks to you and smiles and you just laugh and laugh.  It's the sweetest thing.  My prayer is that the three of you always have a close relationship. 

 You are a perfect blend of your sisters but you are a carbon copy of your daddy.  You have really blond hair and your eyes have stayed blue.  

Here you are at 2, 4, 6 and 8 months.  You have really rounded out the last month or so.  I can hardly believe how close we are getting to your first birthday.  You are such a happy, sweet baby and such a blessing to our family.

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