Monday, January 04, 2016

More Christmas

On Thursday we headed to my in-laws for More Christmas.  They live about 6.5 hours away.  This is the look Scott gave me when I tried to take a picture. ha ha ha ha ha! Hollis asked us every 7 minutes if we were "almost there" and Will Holden had the biggest blow out of all times in the middle of Delight, AR - home of Glen Campbell.  Traveling is fun! 

The girls were so excited to get more presents from their grandparents! 

 You have never seen two kids be so excited about doll suitcases and umbrellas.  They carried them around the entire time we were there.  

Hollis looks ten all the sudden.  I can't believe I will be registering her for kindergarten in just a few weeks. 

 Will Holden enjoyed his first visit down south.  He had a little stomach virus the whole time so that wasn't pleasant but he was still happy.  Scott's mom and dad got all his old tractors out for him to play with and we came home with several.  They were still in almost new condition.  So sweet that he gets to have his daddy's tractors. 

 We celebrated Harper's birthday early with her grandparents while we were there too.  She got her own suitcase to take when we travel or for sleepovers.  

And we had a cupcake party! 

Saturday we were ready for the Hogs to play in their bowl game.  This may be my favorite picture of Harper.  She did that pose all on her own.  She's getting so big.  I just love her at this age! 

Scott and his parents took the girls to their deer camp/farm for the day on Saturday.  It was cold and will Holden didn't feel well so I kept him home.  The girls had the best time riding the mule around the land.  Scott said Hollis was a really good driver. 

My girls love being in the country. 

 They LOVE getting to do a camp fire.  They had hot dogs and S'mores while they were there. 

They came home in time to watch the Hogs beat Kansas State in a really great bowl game.  

We got up yesterday morning and made the long trip home.  It takes a lot longer with three kids (and a dog) with all the stops.  Bathroom breaks seem to take about 30 minutes each. ha! 

We are back to reality today.  It was a little rough getting everyone up and out the door this morning.  I still have my Christmas up and need to get that down this week and clean and get a fresh start for 2016 but we had such a relaxing, sweet Christmas with our kids. So thankful. 

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