Thursday, December 31, 2015

Adding a little Sparkle

Last year, we put the girls in one room together.  It's a small room and the girls love sharing.  The room started out as blue and white but I've been trying to add a little pink.  It's a work in process.  

I ordered plain frames last year from and painted them blue.  I liked having pictures of the girls over their beds but I have never been super crazy about how they turned out.  I like the size and shape but not so much the blue.  

This is the other side of their room.  I have some gold touches throughout.  What you can't see to the right is another really cute blue dresser that holds all their American girl doll stuff and Barbie stuff in the drawers and they display the dolls on top.  

I'm kind of obsessed with all things gold and sparkly so I had an idea this week to glitter up the frames.  The kids and I went to Hobby Lobby and bought Mod Podge, a big jar of gold glitter and glitter sealer.  (Who knew such a thing even existed but thank goodness it does). 

I coated the frames in mod podge, added glitter and sprayed the sealer.  I wanted a little of the blue to show through on the frames and on the sides.  

And I sort of love the result. 

The difference.  It just adds a little sparkle to the room! 

Now I'm looking at the little dresser between their beds.  I bought it at a junk/antique store a couple of years ago and liked it but now the color isn't working for me.  Also a certain 4 year old put some graffiti on it with permanent marker.  

So I'm thinking of chalk painting it pink like the tiny throws on their beds sort of like above. 

Or this. 

Or maybe gold paint.  But now that I'm looking at the two - I'm leaning toward pink for color.  

And then do some fun gold knobs like these from Anthropologie. 

Or some of the above from Hobby Lobby. 

This seems like a good project for January.  I will add it to my list. ha! 

I just love gold sparkle. I got a new gold planner this week also.  The girls got the cutest gold boots from Old Navy for christmas (that were 50% off the weekend before Christmas!! Whoo Hoo!).  I probably need to step away from gold but it just makes me happy!

A new year needs some new sparkle! 

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