Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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First of all - Friendly reminder that Singles Day is coming up THIS FRIDAY!!!! If you need the details - read here.

If you want to link up but don't have a blog or don't know how to do one - you can email me and I will take care of it for you but please email by early afternoon tomorrow! And make sure and tell your single friends!!! 

 Since we were out of school on Monday, my parents came over to celebrate Harper's birthday with her.  We had a good visit with them!

I loved this picture of them loving on Will Holden.  He has the sweetest cheeks. 

Hollis in her favorite outfit of choice.  She cracks me up sometimes she is so specific about what she wants to wear.  She doesn't like pants.  Everything "makes her hot."  She is my one who has a strong opinion on clothes.  

#ootd #onfleek #onpoint #goals 

Writing thank you notes is very important to me.  I know people say it's a thing of the past but I don't really get that - are manners a thing of the past? Is thanking someone a thing of the past? Nobody else may do it, but my kids are going to write thank you notes.  (I can get on a soap box about this but I'm trying not to. ha!) Now that Harper can write - she sat down and wrote out all her notes.  She wouldn't let me tell her what to write and she also wanted to write several things in each card.  I was so tickled with her.  She also wrote a lot of truth - like "thank you for the paint kit but my mom won't let me use it because it's too messy".  ha ha ha! 

She wrote this to my Aunt and Uncle.  I think she left off "thank you" at the beginning but this card just makes me so happy! 

The highlight of everything is that the New York Times contacted Laurie and are doing a story on a recipe she posted a while ago on her blog called "Mississippi Roast".  It's apparently the top meat recipe on Pinterest and the food editor kept tracing it back to Laurie's blog.  They sent a photographer to her house today for the article.  Laurie invited me over to eat the roast with her for lunch.  I am so tickled about this.  If you know much about Laurie - you know she always wears a big fuzzy robe and she loves her cat Kristen.  I was a little disappointed that neither one made it in the picture.  

Here is the link to the recipe if you want to try it and I will just tell you that you want to:

And last I want to tell you about something neat that I was given and I want to share with you.  It's called a Joshua Jar.  I think it would be a great tool for your family!

How to use the Joshua Jar:

1. Select a rock and write a prayer request and the date you begin praying
2. Place the rock beside the Joshua Jar until you receive an answer
3. Write a date on the rock when you receive an answer
4. Keep the jar on your desk at work or at home as a constant reminder of how many times God has answered your prayers.
Stacey Williams who makes the Joshua Jar shared this:
“As a Christian I have always wanted to share the good news of Christ, but  I have struggled with how do I  start the conversation? So as a result I did what most of us do, I didn’t share. Eight years ago I placed a Joshua Jar on my desk at work to help me remember God’s answers to my prayers, but to my surprise people would come in my office and notice the jar and the rocks, and ask me to tell them about my rocks. It was easy to share with them the stories how God had miraculously answered my prayers! After years of not sharing like I had wanted to, I had stumbled onto something that made sharing so easy and natural. In the past eight years that I have had my Joshua Jar on my desk I have shared with over 400 people, and I never even had to bring Christ up, they did! Put a Joshua Jar on your desk and get ready for God to bring someone by and ask “tell me about your jar and rock?” Then you can be a Rock Star for the kingdom of God!!!”
If you are interested - check it out here:

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