Sunday, January 17, 2016

Go Harper it's your birthday

So this girl turned seven on Saturday!!!

I  can hardly believe it!!! 

And you most of you can probably hardly believe you have been reading my blog for seven years (if you started when she was born and stuck around.  And if you stuck around - you are basically an honorary member of our family at this point!)

What a blessing this girl is to us! I have loved her at every age but she seems to get sweeter with each age.  She is kind, compassionate, hilariously funny, overflowing with joy, and loves people.  She loves watching movies, reading, music and being with friends and her sister! She is a little momma to Will Holden.  

We celebrated This Girl on Saturday! 

(She asked me Friday night when she went to bed if she could start wearing make up now that she is seven. ha ha ha! I told her not until she was 13........or 25. ha! ) 

She has said for probably six months that she wanted a party at Build a Bear so that's what we did. 

We had her party in the early afternoon so we took her to lunch first.  She got to pick the restaurant and she wanted Flying Fish.  My sweet friend Marci volunteered to keep Will Holden.  I am super weird about feeling guilty to ever let anyone keep him but this time I gave in and I was so glad.  It would have been really hard to wrestle him during the party so I was SO thankful to Marci.  And she loves babies so I'm hoping it was a win for her too. 

Harper had the best time.  We tried to keep it to a small manageable party.  Harper would have invited 50 kids if I would have let her but we kept it to a few close friends and a few school friends.  

 We had a sweet little group! 

Instead of cake, we walked next door for Frozen Yogurt after Build a Bear.  This was a big hit! 

 This was the easiest party we have had in seven years! I did nothing but show up! And Harper loved it all! 

And the birthday is continuing.  Tonight Harper is spending the night with Emily and Sarah Kate since there is no school tomorrow.  And then my parents are coming over tomorrow to celebrate with her.  She got a couple of "credit cards" as she calls them (gift cards) for her birthday so I've promised to take her to the mall tomorrow to redeem them.  They are burning a hole in her pocket! 

When people tell you the years are short, it's hard to see that when they are babies.  I thought it would be FOREVER before she went to school and now I realize I literally blinked and here she is - halfway through first grade.  I would be sad but I'm just enjoying so much the age she is.  It probably helps that I also have Hollis and Will Holden and I'm realizing with Will Holden not too try to look to the future so much this time around.  I know he will be headed to school before I know it so I'm soaking in every day.

Happy Birthday Harper! It is my greatest blessing and joy to be your mother! I love you with all my heart!

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