Sunday, December 27, 2015

Our Christmas

Christmas was so fun this year! It just gets more fun every year as the kids grow! 

Thursday we went to our church's Christmas Eve service.  This was our first time to get to go and it was so wonderful! This year we got to stay home on Christmas eve and morning and then we travelled to my parents.  We plan to make this a tradition.  It's just so much easier to have Christmas morning at our own house and then spend time with our families.

We are on our church's ordination committee so we had to go early to church and set up the Lord's service and then we stayed late to clean up.  Our kids were troopers to be there so long.  We came home and got everyone ready for bed so "Santa" could go to work! 

Will Holden was up for the day at 4:30 on Christmas morning.  Thankfully he headed back to bed around 6:30 and so we able to do presents with the girls while he napped.  I figured they would be up early but we had to wake them up.

Harper's face when she came in the living room is everything! 

Excited for new scooters! 

We don't go too crazy on Christmas - we try to keep it pretty simple.  They got a trampoline and the scooters and the only other things they really wanted was shopkins and Mc2 dolls (which I refer to as smart Barbies).  

I fixed us a good breakfast and then we all got ready and packed up and headed to my parent's house. We did Christmas with them and then had a big Christmas lunch. 

My brother and his family spent Christmas with us too.  Our girls had the BEST time playing together.  My niece started referring to Harper and Hollis as her "sisters".  My Aunt Linda got the girls these beautiful princess dolls. 

Linda and Will Holden

The other favorite for my girls this year was Barbie anything.  They follow in my footsteps - I loved playing Barbie more than anything when I was young. 

My parents bought this car when Harper was a baby.  They have gotten a lot of use out of it.  I couldn't believe Will Holden was big enough to ride.  He loved it! 

Christmas day was full and fun but we were all worn out by the end! 

Saturday,  Mom, My SIL and I went shopping at a few boutiques and then met the guys and the kids at Pizza Hut.  Pizza Hut is just a Flippin staple.  I ate there so much growing up - it just feels like home! ha! My boys and their matching vests.  

We spent the rest of the day at home and my mom made some yummy pork tacos for dinner.  It poured all day Saturday and was just nasty.  The kids had a great time playing with each other and their new toys. 

And some how managed to get chocolate pudding.  These two make life interesting! 

We planned to go to my parents church Sunday morning and were going to take some family pictures before but we woke up early to the power being out.  We still tried to get up and get ready hoping the power would come on but it ended up staying off until 4 in the afternoon.  We couldn't get ready so we stayed home and  tried to make the best of it. My dad grilled us hamburgers in the rain.  We had had terrible storms all day and so much of Arkansas is flooded.  But my thoughts are with the people of Texas who were hit with deadly tornados.  

It's definitely a Christmas I won't forget.  And it's not over - we are headed to Scott's parents later this week to celebrate more! 

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