Sunday, December 06, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We have had a busy but wonderful weekend! The first weekend in December is always really busy for us.  I feel like everyone plans everything for that weekend and then the month slows down from there. 

Friday night we had our annual Sunday School Christmas party.  I love my friend Maegan photobombing our picture.  ha!  We have been in our church for 12 years now and our class has been such a blessing to us.  The faces have changed some over the years but this has been our family and community.  

 Some of the couples from our class.  We had a great time eating and just hanging out.  

My parents came up for the weekend on Friday.  Now that my dad has retired, he can finally come and be here on a Sunday.  The kids were singing in church Sunday and I was so excited that for the first time my parents could come watch! When your dad is a pastor - weekend visits are pretty much out.  They also just bought a "retirement camper" so they can travel and they brought it for it's first trip this weekend.  The girls got to go spend the first night with them in it! They had the BEST time.  I'm happy for my parents to get to enjoy their retirement and travel and have fun! It is well deserved for them!

 The girls had choir practice Saturday morning and then we spent time playing around the house.  My parents kept the kids so Scott and I could go to a funeral that afternoon.  

We met up on the square for an early dinner and to walk around and look at lights.  Our square is lit up and we have an outside ice skating rink that we walked down to as well.  

We are bundled up but really it was wonderful weather for December.  We had the best time just being out.  Will Holden was SO good and loved strolling and seeing everything.  

This morning was our annual Christmas program at church.  All the choirs from preschool to adults sing and it's such a special day! I loved these dresses I had made from She She Made.  They are so sweet and I figured we could wear for Christmas and Valentines and even Razorback games! 

 The girls did great singing this morning.  I can't tell you how sweet it is to me to see my children singing in church.  I will never get over what a dream come true it is.  There were many Christmases I sat in the audience praying that I would have children to sing on stage one day.  I'm so thankful for the three precious blessings I have been given. 

And I haven't forgotten the sting of that deep desire and the pain it caused me.  I always have on my heart to pray for those who are longing for a family during the holidays.  You aren't forgotten. 

Little Hollis sings her heart out when she gets on stage. 

On Sunday night of the christmas program, the children choirs do little musicals.  Both girls sang with their choirs and did so good.  I never realize how tall Harper is until I see her with kids her age and realize she is a head taller than most of them.  I'm sure she will level out at some point because her parents aren't tall.  She got some dance moves in tonight - it was great. 

 In between services we went and ate lunch with my parents and then went to their camper for a visit. It has been a really nice time having them here. 

 And poor Will Holden was over this day.  ha! He was so good even after a long day on his part.  His face is saying "please someone take me from these girls".  
I love this picture because I had him at church tonight and the girls just swarmed him.  He is such a loved little boy.  

It's beginning to feel like Christmas here! I can't believe it's only a little over two weeks away! 

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