Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Decking my Halls

Andrea at Momfessionals is doing a blog party for Christmas decorations and I decided to join in! My home is not a tour of homes kind of house but it's homey and I love it this time of year. 

This nativity may be one of my favorite decorations this year.  The girls love to play with it and I this it's so cute. 

Our mantel.  I ordered stockings for our family when Scott and I first got married.  Two blank ones in hopes we would have kids one day and one for Dawson our dog.  I was so thankful when I got to monogram names on those stockings.  And this year I realized I forgot to buy an extra one for Will Holden last year.  So it's on it's way.  These stockings just represent Ephesians 3:20 to me. 

I got the gold deer this year at Target.  It's the only new thing I bought but I love it.  

Our big tree is mostly in gold and browns.  I left all the mesh off this year and I love it a little more simple.  I also didn't put anything on top.  It needs something but I just can't figure out what yet.  

 Dawson is happy to share our living room with you. 

 The little tree in our dining room is just fun reds and greens. 
 This is full of my kid ornaments.  I love the little handprint ones! 
 Harper's kindergarten teacher had them make the Santa ones of their hands last year.  It's probably my favorite ornament. 
 Packages in the kitchen. 

Jars of Christmas balls 
 Madeline brought a message with her this morning.

Let's hope it works.  

 Another nativity scene.  I got this one in El Salvador. 
And our favorite thing is what Harper calls "The Family tree".  We put all of our Christmas cards on it and then we love to look at the pictures all season long!

Of course these three are my favorite thing about Christmas.  They make the season so much fun! 

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