Sunday, September 27, 2015

Weekend Happenings

We had a couple of big events this weekend.

The first one was that we fed Will Holden baby food for the first time on Friday night.  He has had cereal for a while to help with spit up but he acts so hungry all the time so I thought we would go ahead and start him on some food.  Can you see his smile? He loved it.  In fact, he was kind of freaking out after every bite because he wanted more and grabbing the spoon to feed himself. ha! I know the rule of starting with vegetables but I just like to start the kids on applesauce and then bring in the veggies. 

This is what it looks like with a third baby.  He's in a scratched up pink flowered high chair because I don't want to buy a new one and his sisters and mom are fighting over who gets to feed him.  Dawson was just hoping we would drop some food and Scott was filming the whole thing.  

Saturday night Harper was a little miss in the local high school pageant.  It was a big honor.  One of my friends today who is 30 was telling me at church that she was a little miss when she was Harper's age.  I'm not sure exactly when Harper turned 15 over night. 

A little bit of picture overload but Scott took some pretty pictures of our grown up girl and I can't resist posting several.  

I spent 45 minutes curling her hair complete with a lot of hair spray and 7 minutes later it was straight again.  She has the thickest, most beautiful hair but it WILL NOT curl. 

This may be my most favorite picture of Harper ever.  It's just completely her at this age.  She's the funniest kid. 

She walked across the stage and gave her contestant a flower and waved.  It was adorable. 

The pageant was so much fun.  I'm blow away by how accomplished these teenage girls were.  I feel like a total loser when I start hearing "she has travelled to seven countries, volunteers with six charities and speaks Latin for fun."  One girl played the violin and sang in Hebrew for her talent.  It was amazing.  

I was also proud that several girls shared their desire to follow Christ and serve Him - in a public school setting.  

Our Miss McKenzie was beautiful.  Harper was just thrilled she had so much fun! 

I can't leave this girl out.  She is coming out of her shell lately and is just a lot of fun.  I feel like she has a very quiet confidence that I hope she maintains.  

Thankful for life events - big and small! 

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