Monday, September 28, 2015


We are doing "Fight Back with Joy" in Women's Bible Study right now.  It's been a really good study for me.  There are days that even though on paper I should be bouncing off the walls with joy - I can find the joy seeping out.  I needed to be reminded of where my joy should come from. 

When I think of people who are filled with joy - my first thought (and pretty much anyone at my church would agree) is my friend Robin (if you have read my blog for a while - she is Caroline's mom.) (Which you may want to know Caroline is happy and married and expecting a little girl!!!!) Robin just EXUDES joy! She brings the party to everything she comes to.  She is always happy and willing to serve at anything from choir or VBS to women's ministry and you can always expect her clapping her hands and a loud laugh.  It's impossible not to have joy yourself when you are around her.  

I think about my friend Jenn.  Jenn fought and beat breast cancer last year with so much bravery and a great sense of humor.  She has taken on this year with the exuberance of someone who looked death in the face.  She is always on a trip or at a concert or just doing something fun with her girls.  She is living life to the fullest and it shows me what joy can truly look like. 

One thing that brings me joy is spending time with Laurie.  No one makes me laugh harder.  We filmed a periscope today(@mrskellystamps) and I acted like a complete hyena.  But we just got so tickled.  If you are bored - you still have a few hours to watch us.  We think we might make this a regular thing - but with topics.  Next week I'm going to her house so she can sit in her bathrobe and hold her cat Kristen while we discuss women's ministry. 

In our study - we have been challenged to look for #joybombs.  Things that bring us joy.  

What does that look like for you?

Fall weather is a joy bomb for me! 

Girl's night eating dinner with friends is a huge joy bomb.

My kids are the biggest joy bomb.  
(If you are a mom - you can understand this but sometimes my kids can be both my biggest joy stealers and my biggest joy bombs.  Sometimes when I am exhausted from breaking up fights and changing poopy diapers and cleaning up messes, I can be a little low on joy.  And at the same time I can't even talk about my kids without crying because I love them so much. )

Hearing a favorite song on the radio - especially one from the 90's is a big joy bomb.

Fitting into pants that haven't fit in a while can be a joy bomb.

What are your joy bombs? 

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