Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Harper's Baptism

Back in July, while at Vacation Bible School, Harper was saved.  We wanted to wait until her grandparents could all come to be here when she got baptized and that worked out to this past Sunday!

Scott and I serve on the Baptism committee at church so we help people getting baptized and Harper and Hollis usually go with us so Harper felt very comfortable and knew what was going to happen! Plus we talked about it a lot.

She was so excited! 

So proud to be her mom!

Steve and Laurie help us with baptisms so they helped us on Sunday.  Emily and Sarah Kate came up to see Harper.  I love that our girls share Easter and 4th of July and beach trips and birthdays together.  But most of all that they have celebrated each other's baptisms.

When kids at our church enter first grade, our children's ministry gives them a Bible.  Harper is SO proud of hers.  When she saw that Emily and Sarah Kate had theirs with them - she wanted a picture of them all with their Bibles.

The many faces of Harper.  She's such a funny kid.  Scott and I told her she needed to be very serious when the pastor talked to her and during the baptism and not to act crazy.  She took us very seriously. She was SO serious during it all.  She really did great - we were very proud of her. 

We love all the pastors at our church but our youth pastor and his wife are good friends of ours so we asked that he baptize Harper.  He did such a neat job talking to her ahead of time and explaining what it all meant.  It was very special to us.  Harper really understands what it all means and has just a thirst to learn more about God.  

Getting ready after she was done! She told us after church it was the "happiest day of her life".   I hope it's a day she will always remember. 

I prayed from the minute she was born that she would come to know Christ.  I pray that this is just the beginning of a lifetime of following Him. 

I want to share her baptism with you - it was so sweet.  Thank you to so many of you who have been reading here since she was born and have prayed for her.  We are grateful.

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