Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Prayers

I haven't done a prayer request post in a while but I feel like I need to.

I know so many of you are going through some hard things and it feels good to know a community is praying for you.  I hope this can be that place.  I'm going to pass along a few requests and then I would LOVE if you would leave any request you have in the comments.

If you are reading and feel led to pray for even one of the requests, will you reply to their comment and let them know? What an uplifting place this could be!

Will you pray for Gentry and Hadley Eddings? Gentry is a worship pastor in North Carolina.  They recently had a wreck and their two year old little boy was killed.  Hadley was pregnant and had to deliver their baby right after the wreck and the baby died a few days later.  They lost two children.

You have probably seen on the news about the McComb family - the house they were staying in during the Texas floods broke loose and floated away on the rising water and the mom and kids went missing.  They are friends of some of my family.  Please pray for them as well as all of the people who have lost friends and family in the floods.

I want to ask you to please pray for the Bost family.  I have never met Mary but she is the best friend of one of my best friends.  And she is from my town but now lives in Texas.  Her husband is also friends with so many of my friends.  Jonathan just recently found out he has a brain tumor.  He is undergoing treatment and they could use your prayers.  Their faith is so strong and Mary has been blogging about their journey.  

I would love for you to leave your prayer requests so we could pray for you - from all over the world! 

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