Sunday, May 03, 2015

Little Boy Blue

We have been home almost a week and getting adjusted to our new life as a family of five.  So far it is going really well. 

The girls just love their brother.  Harper especially is crazy about him.  She wants to hold him every second she can.  She loves to talk to him and sing to him and brush his hair.  It's the sweetest thing ever.  I over hear her giving him all kinds of six year old wisdom.   Hollis has had a little trouble which I think is normal when you are the youngest.  We have tried to pay special attention to her.  Scott and her grandparents took her on a special day one day while Harper was in school and I have just tried to give her one on one attention as well.  

I have had a few friends come by and visit and hold baby.  My friend Lenette came one day. 
 And my friend Jessica came by another day. 
 And of course Laurie and her girls came so the girls could hold him.  Our families are so close that these five will spend a lot of time together.  I love that Will Holden will be surrounded by four amazing girls.  I also love this picture! 

Scott took us to Will Holden's first pediatrician appointment.  We have a wonderful pediatrician who I actually went to college with and his wife was/is one of my good friends.  Will got a great report and was back above his birth weight.  

I never had newborn pictures made with my girls and I always regretted it.  So I was determined this time around to get some.  My friend Bethany is super talented so I asked her to come and take pictures of Will Holden and of him and his sisters. 

She gave me a little sneak peek.  I can't wait to see the others! 

And I know I'm going to treasure the ones of all three kids.  Isn't this so sweet?

My recovery has been going really well.  I feel good and I've probably been doing more than I should.  I'm not good at the whole "rest" thing.  Probably the hardest part for me of having a c-section is not being able to drive for two weeks.  That makes me feel imprisoned. But then again, it probably forces me to rest more.  But Scott has taken us on a couple of quick outings.  We went to Wal-Mart one night as a family.  I just needed to get a few things and thought it would be good to get out.  Apparently Hollis was feeling too cool to be with us.  

And to be fair to all retailers - we went to Target yesterday.  My boys were matching in their Polo shirts.  

Of course meanwhile, I'm at home with swollen ankles and a puffy face and maternity sweatpants and I'm staring at awe like every other woman in the globe at Duchess Kate coming out TEN HOURS after giving birth in heels and a WHITE dress and more beautiful than most people look on their wedding day???? It's like she's not human! :-)  Tell me you have had a baby and can not figure out how this is possible? ha!

But seriously, Prince George - is he not the cutest little boy in those blue knee socks? I was so enthralled with them yesterday. 

And everyone keeps asking who Will Holden favors.  I did a side by side of the day they each left the hospital.  I think he looks a lot like a blonder Hollis.  But he has his own look.  I will tell you in about three months who he looks like.  Right now he has blue eyes and my fingers are crossed he will keep them but the odds are they will probably turn brown.  He is really a sweet baby and so far is sleeping really well.  I'm trying to get back to life with a newborn which you forget once your kids are four and independent but we are doing great! 

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