Tuesday, April 28, 2015

An extremely long post about Will Holden's birth

This post is forever long but I want to be able to remember Will Holden's birth and even though I thought I would NEVER forget - there is so much I have forgotten about the girls' births and newborn days already. Thank goodness I blogged a lot of it! 

Last Tuesday night, my Sunday School class had a dinner for me at a Mexican restaurant I love.  I had told them I really did NOT want a shower because it's our third and we have everything we need. So they promised me just a dinner with friends.  But they brought me gifts anyway and it was so nice.  I felt terrible that they gave me stuff but I'm so thankful for what these girls mean to me.  Their friendships are my greatest treasures. 

Our parents came in town the night before Will Holden came.  We ate dinner together and then they all stayed in a hotel right by the hospital.  I deliver at a hospital about 30 minutes away and since it was going to be early morning - I thought it would be good if they kept the girls there and would be close by.   Scott and I took some pictures of my belly one last time before we went to bed.  This is my last picture being pregnant with Will Holden at 39 weeks. 

Friday morning I had a scheduled c-section.  Scott and I got to the hospital at 5:30.  I was so nervous and excited.  Our parents came and brought the girls around 7.   My friend Ashley made the girls these darling dresses to wear to meet their brother!! 

My waiting room crew.  Laurie has been there for the births of all three of my babies.  
My dad missed the birth.  He had been on a trip to India and Nepal training pastors and had the trip scheduled before he even knew I was pregnant.  He flew into our airport the next day and was able to see Will.  My dad left Nepal just HOURS before the earthquake hit.  I can't begin to tell you how thankful we all are that he made it home but it makes us pray even harder for the people there. 

Hollis was a planned c-section and was a great experience but I was nervous this time knowing how things go.  And it couldn't have gone better.  Of course, I have a wonderful doctor who I love but I felt like this time was even easier.  And of course, you are always nervous about your baby being healthy so the best sight ever was that crying, healthy baby boy! I don't take for granted what a blessing it is to have a healthy baby.

Our hospital just began to offer immediate skin to skin for moms who have c-sections.  I was able to hold him right away and keep him in recovery with me and nurse him.  I didn't hold Harper for two weeks after she was born and Hollis a few hours so I was so grateful that for this last baby - I was able to hold him so quickly.

Let's just say - we have one proud dad here. 

Another fun thing for me is I was expecting to not get to see the girls reactions to Will.  But they didn't see him until I was back in a room and I got to watch them come in and see him for the first time.  This is their first look.  

And of course the grandparents were pretty excited too! 

I love this picture of my babies. 

Then after a while, the nurses took him to the nursery to be washed and weighed and assessed.  My family all got to go watch.  (And by the looks of things were texting). ha! 

Me and my boy in blue

Scott's parents stayed at our house and kept Harper and Hollis and brought them to the hospital each day to visit.  The girls are just in love with him.  Harper especially can't get enough. She wants to hold him constantly and will just sit and stare at him.  They just love their baby brother. 

Hollis is a big help too.  I came home yesterday and they have been wanting to help with everything.  Scott's parents are staying this week to help with them and I'm so grateful.  They get up early with them and take them to school and pick them up and just help with everything in between.  

This was Will Holden and his coming home outfit.   He was clearly thrilled we were going home.

I loved being in the hospital.  It's like a mini vacation for me.  We had a rough day on Saturday.  We didn't get any sleep on Friday night and I was having trouble nursing.  Will was having tummy troubles and I think was mad he wasn't getting much to eat and I was getting frustrated and I was so tired.  I'm sharing that because even though I love nursing and I love newborns - it's not always as easy as people make it seem.  It can be so stressful.  We turned a corner Sunday and we had a much better day.  We are getting adjusted now to being home and schedules and as my help leaves and I have all three kids plus school and nursing, I'm sure it will not be easy but we will find our new normal! 

 We had lots of visitors in the hospital and I loved getting to see them! 

Will and I getting ready to go home! (and I put on makeup and got dressed to leave but you can guarantee if you stop by my house in the next two weeks I will look like death. ha!)

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