Thursday, May 21, 2015

Last Day of School

Hollis had her last day of preschool yesterday!  She had such a good year.  She really came out of her shell and she had several good friends in her class so it was sweet to hear her talk about the other kids.  She loved her teacher, Ms. Pam, and she is moving up to 4's next year so Hollis gets to have her again! I can hardly believe we only have one year left and she will be off to kindergarten! 

The last three years of "last days".  She has grown from a toddler to a little girl! 

I'm a sucker for comparison pictures.  I just love watching my kids grow.  This is Harper on HER last day of 3 year old preschool.  They are wearing the same outfit (it's not an optical illusion - we have two chalkboards and Harper's is bigger).  They do look a little alike.  Although personality wise they are night and day! 

I thought I would share a few resources that people have sent me recently for other moms who have children with hearing loss.  

This is an award winning book that came out this year about a little girl with hearing loss.  It's written on a 2nd - 6th grade level but I already ordered it and plan to read it to Harper. 

Several people have told me about these new dolls.  They have glasses, canes, wheel chairs, hearing aids and birth marks.  We have tried several times to get Harper dolls with hearing aids (American dolls can have them and so can My Twin dolls) and she has NOOOOOOO interest in that.  So I don't know if she will be interested but your chid might? I love that they have the options! I hope they will continue to make more.  I would LOVE if Barbie could have hearing aids!

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