Monday, March 02, 2015

Well Hello Winter

We have had an eventful few days around here.  

Friday, the girls were out of school and Scott left to go on one last hunting trip until today.  

We spent the morning playing at a friends' house and then in the afternoon I had a meeting at church that the girls went with me to.  When we came out of the meeting, it had snowed about 2 inches.  No one in our town had ANY idea it was supposed to snow so everyone seemed to be rushing to get home at the same time and the whole town was basically a parking lot.  It took me an hour to drive about 3 miles home.  

The girls and I had a lot planned for the weekend including a fun birthday party and eating out with friends.  I hadn't even really gone to the grocery store because I figured we would eat out or eat sandwiches.  I wasn't expecting to be snowed in for three days.  But we made it! We watched a lot of movies and played with a lot of dolls.  I wish I could say I got a lot done around the house but I honestly spent a lot of time laying down.  I'm actually thankful for the unexpected rest.  We probably could have gotten out yesterday but I was mostly afraid of falling on ice so big and pregnant and hurting the baby.  So we are being extra cautious. 

But by last night we were all ready to break out of the house so we got cleaned up and they wanted their hair curled and we all went to bed early in anticipation of going back to school! Of course, word on the street is we are getting another big snowstorm this week.  I'm so ready for spring!

Today was a busy day for me and Harper.  She had to get a cavity filled so we got our first experience with laughing gas! Harper did so great!

And then we went to the eye doctor to check on a little issue and Harper gave me a huge scare.  I wrote about this on Instagram but they had her read the eye chart and they said "read this line" and she just sat and stared and said "nothing".  So they kept making the letters bigger and again she would stare and say "nothing".  I thought "Oh my word - she's going blind!" and then finally I said "Harper can't you read the letters?" and she said "It doesn't spell anything".  ha! She thought she should be reading words and they spelled out "nothing".  I laughed so hard mostly from relief.

Life is never boring.

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