Thursday, March 05, 2015

On the "snow" down

I've been on the down low with blogging this past week but surprise, surprise........we have been snowed in again.  In fact, I think today almost every single school in Arkansas was closed.  I know this blows your mind if you live in the north but ice and snow just close up shop here.  It's actually been really nice not having to set an alarm or rush around each morning and my girls have had the best time just playing together.  I'm so thankful for how they are so close and love to play because I have worked on Will Holden's room and closet and got a lot done and also rested a lot.  Sometimes it's nice to just be forced to be still.

On the flip side, roads are clear so we are going back to school tomorrow and I have a lot of errands and a fun lunch with friends planned!

So I don't have a lot to share outside of my quiet week but I do have a couple of  things I wanted to share with you.

A local lady has written a Christian Fiction book that I thought you might like.  I know I share a lot of books with you but I've never shared a fiction book.  I thought this would be great for spring break trips or snow days or just for every day reading! And on FRIDAY (tomorrow) it's only 99 CENTS for kindles on Amazon.

Thirty year old Charlie lives a perfectly average life until family scandal and personal tragedy threaten everything she believes about her family, her history, and her first love. In the aftermath, Charlie will journey to foreign countries, new phases of life, and even a past that haunts her to learn about love...and forgiveness. 

Judah once gave up everything to protect the girl he loved. Years later, will he risk it all again to have the love he wants or give all that God asks even if it means losing her forever? 

You can get "Beautiful Ashes" here! 

I had a lot of you ask me about this nativity scene I had for Christmas this year.  I LOVED LOVED this set and my girls just adored it.  I got it last year from Heart and Home Collection and she is doing a pre-sale on natives again.  

I also LOOOOVE this plush set.  Your kids or grandkids could actually touch this without you worrying about it breaking.  Even if you have a nice, heirloom Nativity - this could be a great addition if you have kids of any age for them to actually act out the Christmas story! I know Christmas is a LONG ways away but you will be glad next Christmas to pull this out when it's time to decorate!!! They have several sets to pick from! 

AND ............ leave me a comment and I will give one of you a 50% off coupon code to get your own nativity scene.  I will draw a winner on Sunday! Let me know which set you like and why you would want it!

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