Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"March"ing right along

We have had a busy few days.  March is flying by which means April will be here soon.  Which means I'm about to have three kids.  Yikes! 

 Last week I had told Harper I would come eat lunch with her on Friday and she said "okay, but can you curl your hair or something?"  (ha ha ha).  I think this was probably one of the days I didn't have to go anywhere and I was in my official uniform of sweats and uncombed hair.  Thursday night she brought me a note - "I want McDonalds (we are still working on spelling out words) and I want hamburgers and ketchup".  She has only eaten McDonalds a couple of times in her life (cause yuck) but she thinks it is the most gourmet cuisine ever.  So I fixed my hair (I didn't curl it but I at least fixed it and put on normal clothes) and took her a happy meal.  Her smile was worth it!

My parents came by Friday afternoon to celebrate Hollis' birthday.  They brought cupcakes and presents.  I would say that was a party!

I want to publicly thank them for giving Hollis a microphone.  She is obsessed with it.  It has only caused a few sister fights and Hollis has decided she likes to get on the microphone and give us orders LOUDLY.  

Why do grandparents always give big and loud gifts? Did they not learn from their parents? :-) 

Saturday morning very early I rode down to Conway, AR with two of my best friends so we could be at an "Addicted to Anxiety" event with my friend Susan.  She did a wonderful job.  I gave a short testimony and managed to not go into labor. 

We had to stop for queso and salsa before heading home.  It was fun just to spend the day with friends! 

Several college friends I hadn't seen in 20 years came and it was fun to see their faces and one of my childhood friends turned adult friends came also! What a special surprise! 

Yesterday, Hollis and I went to an early assembly at Harper's school because she got the "Terrific Kid" award.  I'm so proud of that girl! 

Yesterday was Hollis' fourth birthday.  So we did some of her favorite things.  We picked up donuts to take to her preschool class.  She had so much fun at school with her best friends and was SO proud of her birthday crown.  She pretty much wore it the rest of the day.  She requested we eat at Chick-fil-a for dinner so we did and then we went for ice cream.

She had a great day.  Of course, we paid for all that sugar later when she was running circles at 9:30 at night.  But you only turn four once, right? :-0 

Today we went to Bible Study and my friend Samantha shared her testimony.  We went to lunch with friends later.  Some of the sweetest little 3 and 4 year olds I know! 

This afternoon, Harper's school had a Leprechaun hunt for Kindergarten.  Hollis and I went and joined them.  

One of my favorite people also teaches at Harper's school.  I love seeing here there.  And she is always dressed for the occasion.  She is with one of my good friends' daughters! 

Harper was SO sweet with Hollis.  She held her hand and took her all around with her and then shared her special St. Patrick's Day treats with her.  She showed her everything in her classroom and was just so precious with her.  I love that they are such great friends. 

And we were stretching it for green clothes today.  Apparently we don't have much green in our wardrobes.  But Pink and Green are always right! :-) 

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