Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Hollis

Happy Birthday Hollis!!!

Today you are FOUR!!!!! 

I can hardly believe how you have grown up into such a BIG girl! 

You worship your big sister.  Your favorite thing to say is "I want whatever Harper wants".  This goes for food, toys, clothes, etc.  You always can't wait to for us to pick her up from school each day.  You have a built in best friend and I'm so thankful.  

Y'all just started sharing a room and it's going so well.  You just moved to a big girl bed and you have done amazing! You never get up - but sleep so well.  And I love to hear the talk and giggles coming out of your room at night and in the mornings.  

Your very best friend is Joseph and y'all are ATTACHED at the hip.  You are in church and preschool together and you stay right at his side.  They already put you both in the same PK-4 class for next year because they know you can't be separated.  

You are quiet and shy but you are slowly coming out of your shell.  You have a contagious laugh and the cutest dimple in your cheek.  You are mischievous and funny.  And the days that it's just you and me - you stick right by my side and NEVER STOP TALKING.  

You are so sweet and well behaved.  I always get compliments when you have to go places with me like the doctor or LONG hair appointments because you act so well.  You are a great sidekick to me! 

You love to draw and you love to sing.  You love to go to preschool and are always excited to get out of the car with your backpack! You love to read books.  You love playing barbies and baby dolls.  You also love all princess movies.  

You are a picky eater but you do love to eat eggs and avocados.  Other than that - there is not a lot you like right now.  

We call you "Baby Bug".  You are a gift to our family and I know you are going to be a good big sister to Will Holden.  I think you might be excited to boss someone around finally.  I'm so thankful God blessed our family with you four years ago today! 

Sweet Hollis when she was born and on each of her birthdays! Four years have gone by too fast! 

We love you Hollis Barrett! Happy Birthday! 

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