Sunday, February 01, 2015

27 weeks

I'm 27 weeks! 

Well, I have hit the third trimester! This pregnancy has gone by with lightening speed.

On one hand, I can't wait to meet Will Holden but on the other hand, we have NOTHING ready so I need a little time! 

I'm actually super laid back about this baby coming.  I know he will be in our room the first few months and we have the basics so I'm not stressing that nothing is really ready and who knows when his nursery will be ready.  I think it's just the first step in the the realization that everything will just be more laid back when it comes to the third baby.  I know we can't have a super strict schedule when you have big sisters who have to go to school and have activities and it's for sure not quiet around our house.  And that's the beauty of the third child! 

This pregnancy has not been easy.  I feel like I constantly have to lay down or I feel terrible.  I can't sleep because I can't get comfortable and I have the worst heartburn.  I sleep propped up.  But I'm so thankful for this little life growing inside me and it is completely worth it.  I know in about 6 months, I won't remember how miserable I am.  I will just soak in that precious baby! 

Will Holden is super active and He kicks HARD! But I love it! 

I can't wait to add a little boy to our family! 

 27 weeks with Harper, Hollis and Will Holden.  

I feel like I'm just big all over this time.  With the girls, it was mostly in my stomach but this time - I'm just big everywhere.  There have been a lot of differences to me this time that I can tell it's definitely a boy! 

From 17 to 27 weeks.

I'm a little scared what 37 weeks will look like.  I'm thinking this boy is going to be a big one! 

What a miracle this baby is! 

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