Saturday, January 03, 2015

Happy New Year!

Well happy 2015!!!! 

I'm not making any goals or resolutions or coming up with a word for my year this year.  I'm just going to live.  It's always my goal to know Jesus more and to be a better wife and mother so I'm just going to walk daily in that and hope that I make this year count. 
(Plus realistically I know I'm about to have three small children, so honestly my goal may just be getting dressed at least three times a week and keeping my house from caving in).  

My parents gave us a wonderful Christmas gift of a few free days.  Scott's mom had offered the same thing after we were at their house and I was tempted to take her up on it but Harper had to come home and have two speech sessions and I knew my parents wanted to have Christmas with the girls.  But my mom suggested instead of bringing the girls gifts that they just take them home and let them open them there and let us have time alone and to rest! 

Grandparents are the best! And I know I hit the jackpot with mine.  I keep trying to keep mental notes for when my kids have kids to offer often to give them breaks.  It's an amazing gift.  Plus my girls get wonderful memories of spending time with their grandparents.

So they spent several days making cookies and playing and even went to a New Years party and stayed out until midnight. (Meanwhile we were asleep by 9:30). ha! 

Instead of opening their gifts at once, my mom let them open one small thing a day.  That gave them a new thing each day to play with.  Which was genius, I just hope they don't think this pattern is going to continue.  

I cleaned house and watched movies and even re-decorated my living room.  (See the last post about Fixer Upper - I tried to go total JoAnna Gaines).  (It was time - it's been the same for over 10 years).  And we went on two dates.  It was so nice to spend time with Scott alone.  Soon we will be back in the newborn stage so I appreciate some quiet time with him.  

We saw "Unbroken" which was AMAZING.  If you haven't seen it, you need to.  I'm going to get the book and read it now.  And if you don't know the FULL story - you need to watch this video.  I had watched it before I saw the movie so I knew all he went through and then the change that Jesus did in his life.  When the credits were rolling, I was sobbing my eyes out.  I could barely get out of the movie theatre I was crying so hard.  But to imagine all he went through and then forgiving those that hurt him like that, only Jesus.

Plus my pap-pa was a POW in a German Prison Camp for three years and then he escaped during WW2 (Which I wish we had made him write down his story - it would have made an amazing book) and it made me think of him and what he suffered.  We owe so much to the men and women who have fought for us.   I'm weepy again just thinking about it.

My girls came home this morning and we decided to go to an afternoon movie.  We love going to the movies and I have a feeling that it's going to be very hard once Will Holden comes to get to many movies so we are trying to make the most of it right now.  We saw Penguins of the Madagascar and this picture pretty much sums up what Hollis and I thought about it.  I think we both slept through most of it.  I usually like kid movies but this was not my favorite. Plus I was really tired. ha!

We have had a wonderful break but it's back to real life starting Monday! I'm working for another month so we will be very busy but I'm glad to get back in a routine.

Hope your New Years is off to a great start!

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