Friday, January 02, 2015

Fixer Upper

Over the Christmas break, I caught a marathon of a show on HGTV and now I'm obsessed.

I never have time to watch TV much less a marathon these days but we were at my inlaws and the girls were busy playing and I didn't have to do things like clean or laundry so I just sat and watched.  

It's called "Fixer Upper".  Have you seen it? I wrote about it on Facebook and all my friends were saying they were obsessed too and I wondered why no one had ever told me about it.  Even my mom was like "Oh yeah, why have we not discussed this?"

It's this family that lives in Waco, TX.  They met at Baylor and are just such a fun and sweet couple.  They have four CUTE kids and live on a farm that they renovated themselves.  Apparently JoAnna used to have a blog long ago and did design work and then they got this show.  And she still blogs and now she blogs every episode of the show which I'm THRILLED about so I can look at the pictures because her style is my FAVORITE! 

And she is so CUTE! She's a tiny thing with amazing hair.  And so talented.  (I know I'm bordering on stalker at this point).  

These are pictures of their farmhouse that they renovated.  This is their little girls' room.  I LOVE it! 

 I just love the neutral, clean style she has.  She goes and finds things at junk stores and mixes it with new.  Now that I took down our Christmas I want to just re-do our house in JoAnna style. 

Love this.  

They have a new season starting this week.  I feel like I'm running an advertisement for them but honestly I just discovered them and can't get enough. They take these run down CHEAP house (sidebar but WOW houses are cheap in Waco) and renovate and turn them into AMAZING homes for like $150,000 total.  A house here would like the ones they do would be at least twice that or more. 

You can read her blog here or find them on HGTV.  

Do you watch? Are you obsessed too????
(Do you want to drive to Waco with me and try to hang out with JoAnna and Chip?) :-) 

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